The vital role of water in weight loss

The role of water in weight loss can’t be overemphasized. Keep drinking those fluids while losing weight.

Water plays an enormous role in how well our body functions. Simply put, the more fresh water we drink, the healthier we become. Weight loss can also be achieved by drinking the right amount of water daily. Various advantages of drinking water include: Water helps maintain muscle tone, weight loss, clear and healthy skin. It helps prevent lower back pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, headaches, migraines, asthma, allergies, colitis, rheumatoid, arthritis, depression, hypertension, cholesterol, hangovers, neck pain, muscle pain, joint pain, bloating, constipation, ulcers, low energy levels, stomach pain, confusion and disorientation.

Water regulates body temperature, remove toxins and wastes, cushion and lubricate joints, decrease risk of kidney stones, protect tissues, organs and the spinal cord from shock and damage.

Water assists in the digestion & absorption of food, and in transporting oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Drinking water is extremely beneficial for weight loss.

There are many benefits associated with a higher intake of water:

Water contains no calories, fat, or cholesterol and is low in sodium It is also a natural appetite suppressant. Studies have proved that a low consumption of water allows more fat to be deposited instead of being metabolized into energy. Thus, higher the consumption of water, lower is the amount of fat deposited.

Water regulates all bodily functions including the activities of circulating and dissolving. Every enzymatic and chemical reaction of the body occurs in the presence of water. Water also transports hormones, nutrients, oxygen and antibodies through the blood stream and lymphatic system. In addition, our bodies' proteins and enzymes are more efficient in solutions of lower viscosity (i.e., diluted), thus helping in weight loss and fitness. Muscles are primarily composed of water.

Therefore, it's only logical to drink lots of water if you want to have more muscle mass. Water also ensures that a proper muscle contraction can be achieved so that the working muscle is properly exhausted. This again prevents deposition of fat.

The popular advice to drink lots of water is no diet fad; it’s based on solid research about its functions in the body. Don’t skimp…bottoms up!!

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