Rapid Weight Loss: Is It Safe?

Rapid weight loss is any type of weight loss that allows or encourages your body to lose weight at a rate that is faster than five pounds per week. Your body took a long time to build on that extra weight that you have. It will take your body some time to burn off that weight too. When it comes to weight loss, you should plan to find the right program that allows you to burn through fat the best possible way you can, but keeping safety at the forefront of the plan. When you do that, the weight will stay off better, too.

During the first few weeks of your weight loss regimen, whatever it is, you are likely to lose more weight than in other parts of the program. During this time, the body has more easily accessible weight to give. It is also easier to lose weight now because your body hasn’t adjusted to your new weight loss plan and you are making it work harder to keep up with you. So, during those first weeks, rapid may be the term to use for your weight loss.

How fast is too fast? When it comes to what doctor’s recommended, most will encourage you to lose about two to three pounds per week. Anything more than that, after those first two weeks, may not be safe to lose. If you do lose weight this fact, and your diet is the cause of it, it is more than likely that the weight will also come back on just as fast as it went off the moment you stop doing the diet plan you were on.

Take the time to really think about rapidly losing the extra weight you have. Instead of worrying about the numbers, plan for a health lifestyle which means not pushing yourself to lose weight faster than you should.

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