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If you’re looking for an online nutritionist, you won’t have far to look. They’re in plentiful supply not only on most food and diet sites, but also those concerning kids, sports and general health.

No matter what your need, you’ll find a nutritionist available to assist you with any nutrition related question you may have. Many will even work with you on a long-term basis – no appointments to keep or weather or traffic to battle.

Although there are plenty to be found, it’s still prudent to request and review the credentials and qualifications of any nutritionist you consider. A bachelor’s degree in the field would be a good indicator, as well as at least a few years in practice following internships.

There are many online courses claiming to provide certification in the field in a few months’ time. Be certain that the nutritionist you choose to consult has spent somewhat more time in the profession and doesn’t simply claim to know his stuff because he’s eaten food all his life!

Those who face severe or life threatening issues would be best advised to consult a real live nutritionist knowledgeable in that particular area. Having a real person that you visit and talk face-to-face with about a serious problem is not only comforting and reassuring, it’s the safe and sensible way to address it.

An online nutritionist can only discuss your issue in general terms and should freely admit that a real-world nutritionist is actually the way to go for your particular case.

If they don’t or insist that they can help you regardless (most likely for a fee), discontinue contact and find a nutritionist in your area who can help. Some things really can’t be done effectively online!

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