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As the first baby boomers enter their 60’s, research into ways to slow down the aging process has increased dramatically. The results of this research often creates more questions then it answers.

Here’s a sampling of some of the various ways to try and hold back or slow down the aging process:

If you think that cutting off all the fat from your diet is going to make you look better, think again. A move like that could age you faster instead.

Your body needs essential fatty acids. EFAs help your body process the food to release the energy needed for your life processes. They are important in the transfer of oxygen in your body as well as the regulation of nutrients in and out of the cells among other things.

Plant nutrients also play a key role in anti aging. Fruit, vegetables, and plant extracts have an array of chemical constituents, called phytochemicals or phytonutrients, that are hugely beneficial to skin health and beauty.

Antioxidants are one class of phytonutrients, though there are many. Antioxidants work by supplying an extra oxygen molecule to those molecules that are missing one, called free radicals.

Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants neutralize the free radicals that would otherwise damage your skin cells, aging you more quickly. Consuming nuts, seeds and oils that are rich in vitamin E protects you from the aging effect of these free radicals by neutralizing the free radicals before they can cause damage.

A new diet on the anti-aging scene is the Perricone Prescription. It is not just a weight loss diet, but a way of eating that is supposed to soften wrinkles, firm the skin, reduce inflammation in the body, and increase energy. Dr. Perricone claims that in just three days, people will see the anti-aging effects of this diet.

The staples of the diet are anti-inflammatory foods such as salmon and blueberries. Perricone says foods such as sugar, pasta, bread, bananas and other starches contribute to inflammation in the body and speed up the aging process.

Whether you follow the Perricone Prescription or another healthy way of eating, you owe it to yourself to treat your body right. It will thank you with many years of feeling good, in addition to improving your overall health and well-being.

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