What Is The Definition Of Nutrition?

Just what is the definition of nutrition anyway? Nutrition is the process of being nourished, or nourishing. It is the process in which your body takes in food and uses it for growth and for the replacement of tissues within the body. In humans, it also means that it is the science behind the way that food and nourishment affect health. In other words, nutrition is a way to help your body to get and stay healthy. Nutrition is a definition that is also left open for discussion.

By understanding what nutrition’s definition is, you can better see how what you eat affects your everyday life. In many ways, nutrition is a way of helping your body to do the things that you want it to do. If you want your body to lift 50 pounds of weight, you’ll have to give it the power to do that through exercise, but also through the foods you consume and the nutrients those foods have.

Nutrients are the individual pieces of what makes up food that are beneficial to your body’s health. For example, protein can be nutritious because your body requires protein in order to build and maintain muscle masses within your body. Without protein, your body can not do this and you may end up suffering a tear in that muscle or not being able to increase the weight you can lift.

The definition of nutrition is also specific to your body. You need to define it for the needs that your body has too, not just an overall formula that is out there. Your body is specific in the nutrients that it needs. This nutrient requirement is based on your age, on your health concerns and even on what you do throughout the course of your day. Without the right nutritional building blocks in your body, your body can’t do what you want it to do effectively.

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