Nutritionists develop personalized nutrition plans to ensure that medical and dietary needs are optimized. A nutritionist may be found in a hospital or nursing home setting as well as in community settings such as health clubs, health clinics, and HMO’s. Their goal is to assist individuals and groups alike to make healthier dietary choices for optimal health.

Nutritionists advise in good nutritional practices to promote better health as well as structuring dietary plans for individuals or groups of people with specific needs. One example of an individual dietary plan would be for a diabetic person.

Another example would be for a person wishing to lose a significant amount of weight, while a group plan may be established for a school district’s lunch program. Food manufacturers, advertisers, and marketing companies also use the resources of nutritionists in the production of food products that are low in fat and healthier choices for the consumer.

A nutritionist may be recommended to a patient by their doctor for various medical reasons. When seeking out the resources of a nutritionist, it is recommended that the individual be a certified professional. The title of certified nutritionist or certified clinical nutritionist indicates that the individual has had specialized education and training in nutrition science and has met national testing standards.

The nutritionist will be able to collect pertinent data, including medical information, to formulate a dietary plan and assist with dietary counseling. Education, monitoring, advice, and support are all important aspects of a personalized nutrition plan.

If you feel that you may benefit from a nutritionist, you should first seek the advice of a medical professional, such as your family physician. This is especially important if you suffer from any medical conditions such as diabetes or any heart conditions. You may find a great benefit to your health by having a personalized nutrition plan.

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