Nutrition Facts: Labels

Do you know your nutrition facts? Labels can be one of the best ways for you to see what exactly you are eating in the food that you have purchased. In the United States, it is a requirement by law that all foods that are sold within the states provide the necessary information about what is in the foods. These labels are generally on the side of the box or bottle that you purchase and contain valuable facts about the nutrition in that piece of food you are eating. If you don’t know how good something is for you, check the label.

The labels are ideal for many because it allows them to really see what the facts are. First, you’ll find out how many servings are in the food package. You may be surprised that some of these will tell you that there are two serving in the container when you were eating them as one! You’ll also find out what a recommended serving size is, again, an important piece of information.

But, then you come to a chart or the actual nutrition facts. This will list the calories, fats, carbs, sodium amounts and the protein amounts in the food. The end result is that you know what percentage of the daily value of that type of food is actually in the food you are consuming. Are you getting enough iron? Is there too many sugars in the food you are eating? You can answer these questions when you really do pay attention to the labels on the food you are eating.

The next time you go shopping; don’t just check the price on the foods you are purchasing. Check the nutrition labels too. Find out which is the best choice for you and your family. Select based on the ingredients in the food and you’ll find that nutritional benefits to your diet will really improve your life.

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