Dog Nutrition: Is Your Pet Well Fed?

Dog nutrition may not be something you think about, but if you have a pet in your home, it should be. The nutrition that you provide to your dog, no matter if he is a puppy or an adult dog, will determine several things about him. It will tell you if he’ll be healthy, if his body will develop properly, if his body will fight off disease and injury well enough and it will also help you gauge his age expectancy. Healthy, nutritiously fed dogs can lead long and happy lives. Those that can’t get enough nutrients in their diet, don’t get these benefits and can face negative side effects.

So, what do you need to feed your dog? There are several considerations that determine the right level of nutrition for your dog.

1. Your dog’s age matters. If your dog is a puppy, he needs more food and more nutrients. He needs more whole proteins because they will help him to build his muscle mass so that he will be strong. Puppy foods should be well balanced with high concentrates of nutrients. Older dogs may need a more nutrient beneficial food then the adult dog because as they age, their body becomes susceptible to conditions such as osteoporosis. 2. Your dog’s breed. Some dogs naturally need different nutrients based on the breed that they are. Some dogs need to have less of one nutrient and more of another. 3. Your dog’s health. If a dog is not well, he too can benefit from a diet that is crafted around his or her health condition. Healthy dogs that are feed with a nutritious diet can ward off many types of conditions that other dogs would fall victim to.

Understand that your dog’s foods are important. Realize that nutrition is not something that you can just guess at. Talk with your vet about specific recommendations for your dog’s needs.

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