Yerba Mate Weight Loss Plans

Yerba mate is typically a tea. This tea is brewed from leaves of a South American plant that is found in South America. This tea has a fairly mild taste, but you can find some commercial varieties sold that are blended with lemon, mint, or even chocolate.

Yerba Mate Weight Loss Reasons

The tea has a stimulant that has been compared to caffeine. But this stimulant tends to induce a feeling of being awake and clear-headed without producing the jitters commonly associated with drinking to much coffee, regular tea, or even sodas. Instead of making you feel jittery, this tea seems to have a calming effect, so you feel as if you have just woken up from a nap.

The stimulant can also increase your metabolism and energy levels. This may help you burn more fat. Since it is calming, instead of anxiety-inducing, many people say that it helps them from giving into stress-eating or food cravings.

Yerba Mate drinkers may feel more awake and calmer, but they are unlikely to be fully aware of all of the benefits. For example, doctors have studied this tea and found it lowers the rate of speed of gastric system emptying. This may allow people who consume this tea to feel fuller longer from the food they do eat. Since they feel satisfied with their food, they are much less likely to overeat.

Medical And Scientific Yerba Mate Weight Loss Studies

A few studies have been conducted on this tea. Some have also included other herbs, so it is hard to know if the tea helped, or weight loss came from consumption of other herbs. However, it was demonstrated that this tea delayed the onset of lactic acid in muscles during exercise. This delay allows people to exercise longer and get more benefits from their workout.

One study that was conducted on small mammals even showed that this tea might help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels in blood. This study does not seem to have been conducted on people yet. But many dieters would enjoy these extra benefits.

People with heart problems are often told to cut down on coffee and other caffeine sources. Studies have shown that Yerba Mate may even help increase the heart's oxygen supply. It also helps relax blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, and increases circulation.

Is Yerba Mate Weight Loss For You?

This tea may be a good substitute for other stimulants. This is particularly true if caffeine tends to give you the jitters of if you have been told to reduce your consumption. Of course, if you have any serious heart or health problems, you should check with your doctor first.

You can find this tea included in some weight loss supplements. But most people simply enjoy Yerba Matte as a tea. You can usually find several varieties in large grocery or health food stores.

Lots of people enjoy the lemon, mint, or chocolate flavored kinds, sweetened with a little low-calorie stevia. It can certainly be a satisfying replacement for less healthy drinks, and it might help you lose weight.

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