What Your Therapist Didn’t Tell You about HCG and Weight Loss

HCG, also known as Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced naturally in the human body, especially females during the first few months of a pregnancy. It is also produced commercially for weight loss programs, as many believe that HCG plays a role for the body to lose weight. HCG and weight loss have been linked together for a long time, especially considering that it raises body metabolism and also suppresses hunger hormones in many people. It is thus due to this reason this products has become a hit in the weight loss market today.

Maybe you are wondering how HCG can be effective for weight loss. One fact is however clear in all these, the body tends to gain weight when calories are in excess within the system, which leads to their conversion into fats. HCG suppresses appetite in the person using it, thus limits the amount of food one gets to take in a given day. During the initial stages of HCG use, one should take a few drops of this before taking a main meal (Breakfast, lunch or Supper). By taking these drops, you only get to eat to your fill, and won’t be able to eat more than enough. This will only give the body enough calories as needed in a day, thus leading to weight loss.

Another major factor linked with HCG and weight loss is its ability to increase a body’s metabolic rate. It is through the increased body metabolism that fats can be burned to provide energy for the body. Taking a few drops of HCG heightens body metabolism, and a good chunk of fats are burned in the process. Two days of heightened body metabolism leads to excessive weight shedding as compared to exercising the whole day. In addition to this, you do not feel tired at all while under HCG therapy. You can continue with normal day routines without getting fatigued easily.

Another great factor that makes HCG and weight loss go hand in hand is the way it promotes energy distribution within the body. Although an appetite suppressant, HCG promotes fats breakdown when the body needs more energy without you noticing it. Under normal circumstances, you will feel hungry when the body demands for energy. Nonetheless, this does not happen when under HCG therapy. HCG will step in and force the body to burn fats to produce energy, thus limiting the times when you feel hungry. Energy provision in this manner keeps you away from meals most of the times, thus leading to effective weight loss.

The process of losing weight requires hard work. Although you may be under HCG therapy, you still have to dedicate yourself, and have a goal to achieve. Finding a therapist to help in your weight loss therapy can be helpful too. You however need to keep away from factors that lead to weight gain, such as depression, consuming fast foods and factory manufactured foods. Preparing your own meals can lead to a faster weight loss, and make you realize your dream much faster.

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