What Is the Best Weight Loss Exercise Program?

The best weight loss exercise program is the one that allows the body to shed unwanted pounds and inches, and keep it off in the future. In addition to an exercise program, eating healthy is an essential component to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Aerobic Cardio Exercise

Aerobic cardio exercise continues to be one of the best weight loss exercise program available. This is because individuals get to work in their target zone, where the heart is beating between 60 percent and 80 percent of its maximum capacity. While working out in this zone, the body naturally begins burning stored body fat, instead of using up available energy in the bloodstream. Working out for 20 minutes at least three times every week is a quick way to shed unwanted weight.

There is a huge variety of aerobic exercises that can be performed at the gym including a treadmill, elliptical trainer, stair stepper, bicycle, rowing machine and others. In addition, running can also create the body to reach its target zone to burn off undesired body fat.


Many individuals that want to make exercise fun turn to dancing. It still is in excellent exercise for raising the heartbeat. It provides a variety of physical challenges through constant changing routines all set to music. To reach weight loss goals, consider dancing in groups, for additional support from like-minded friends hoping to lose weight.

Swimming Laps

Swimming offers a low impact solution as one of the best weight loss exercise programs. In fact, it is easy to burn away hundreds of calories every hour by simply swimming laps back and forth across the pool. To maximize it benefits, consider changing up swimming strokes that offer a high level of resistance to muscles. This will reduce your waistline, and improve your fitness level.


Riding a bike every day is an excellent way to increase your heart rate, and improve your cardiovascular health. Bicycling can be performed outdoors, in parks or along busy roadways, or in a gym in an enclosed environment. Cycling tends to bring out the competitive spirit in individuals, while shedding unwanted pounds and inches.


Running at a jogging speed is an ideal body work out that tends to increase the body’s metabolic rate. It is an easy solution for increasing physical fitness, and shedding unwanted body fat. However, it is essential to be careful of the knees and hips, because this minimal impact workout exercise can be challenging, when jogging on hard pavement.


Walking continues to be the best weight loss exercise program out of anything available. This is because it creates only a minimal amount of impact on the joints including the knees and hips. Walking can be performed at any pace, to burn off calories, and performed indoors on a treadmill, or outdoors on city streets, neighborhood parks, or walkways.

The best weight loss exercise program is the one that you feel most comfortable in performing. The exercise should not be boring, to allow you to do it until you reach your weight loss goal.

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