What Is the Best Weight Loss Exercise?

If your ultimate goal is to develop permanent fat loss through the best weight loss exercise, it is essential to burn significant amounts of calories to make the most impact. Here is why: the only way to lose a pound of unwanted body fat is to develop a 3500 caloric deficiency. What this means is your body will need to burn off at least 3500 calories over what you consume.

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways including taking a power walk 30 minutes every day on flat ground. The body will naturally burn off 120 calories during every walk. This means that over the course of 30 days, you will have burned off an additional 3600 calories, or the equivalent of one pound of unwanted body fat.

You can escalate your fat loss results by walking more every day, or increasing the intensity by walking on an incline, or at a faster rate of speed. In addition, you can also incorporate eating less food every day. On average, the typical body requires between 1800 and 2200 calories just to get up, move around, breathe, eat, digest food and sleep at night. By eliminating 500 calories every day, you can lose an additional pound every week, or 7×500 calories equals 3500 calories, or a single pound of unwanted fat.

Cardio Exercise

When determining the best weight loss exercise, you need to consider performing cardio to lose weight. This is because cardio exercises creates an environment where you work inside your “target zone”, where your body burns significantly more stored fat than any other work out. The number of beats of your heart per minute and your age determines the zone. When working out inside the zone, the body is racing to release stored fats to convert into energy, to meet the demands you need to perform the exercise.

Typical cardio exercise routines can include working on a treadmill, elliptical machine, bicycle, or stair stepper. It can also be accomplished by jogging or running. However, the last two high-impact exercises can at times be challenging on the joints of the body, especially the hips and knees.

It is essential to consider working out for a minimum of 45 minutes during an exercise session, for a minimum of six days every week. This will help maximize your weight loss efficiency, especially when blended with strength training.

Strength Training

An easy way to create a serious dent in the best weight loss exercise workout regimen is to lift weights through strength training exercises. Strength training combines free weights and weight machines to build long-lasting muscle strength and increase muscle mass. Increase muscle density requires more energy, even while the body is at rest This maximizes the body’s ability to burn off stored fat, to accommodate the additional requirements of energy in the body.

When developing the best weight loss exercise, it is beneficial to choose activities that burn the most calories. These are often aerobic dance, basketball, boxing, bicycling, cross-country skiing, circuit weight training, kayaking, racquetball, and of course walking.

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