What Is the Best Cardio for Weight Loss?

Cardio exercise is recognized as one of the easiest solution for losing weight faster than by diet or other exercise alone. In fact, if you are attempting to lose weight, the best cardio for weight loss exercises can help you burn calories faster and more efficiently. To achieve the best results, you should combine strength training with healthy-diet cardio exercises as the ultimate fat burning solution to your weight loss problem.

Target Heart Rate

What makes cardio so beneficial to losing weight is that you achieve your target heart rate zone. This means that your blood pumps at a specific rate per minute, based on your age. This target zone increases the amount you sweat, and the calories you burn every minute.

Cardio workouts help to increase calorie burns. By upping the intensity of the cardio workout, you can jump higher, go faster, or attempt new activities to mix things up. The body will respond in kind, by burning excess amounts of unwanted stored fat and begin to reshape the body’s composition.

Burning calories through cardio exercising means that you will not need to cut out calories from your diet at an alarming rate. This is because cardio exercise along with strength training burns much more calories than simple anaerobic exercise such as weight training.

Best Cardio Exercises

The best cardio for weight loss exercises are listed below. However, nearly any type of cardio exercise can be your for you, if you are comfortable performing it on a regular basis. However, in general, the exercises below can help you increase the intensity of your workout exercise and help you lose weight quicker. They include:

Impact Activities – These types of activities are recognized more for being a cardio exercise the nearly any other. This includes walking or jogging. This type of exercise immediately boost the heart rate to a quicker pace, especially when compared to non-impact activities like cycling or swimming.

Whole Body Activities – These types of activities require both the lower and upper body. This often includes exercises like cross-country skiing. It can significantly increase the amount of calories that are burned per hour, while boosting heart rate.

High-Impact Activities – These types of exercises will have a high impact, such as jumping or running. Usually, high-impact activities will burn more calories per hour compared to impact activities such as walking.

Even though these cardio activities are beneficial to losing weight that does not mean you should avoid low impact exercise routines. Nearly any type of activity helps you burn calories and should be incorporated in a well-rounded program.

How Much Exercise?

It is challenging to determine a one-size-fits-all solution when seeking the best cardio for weight loss program. However, 60 minutes five or six days a week of vigorous to moderate intensity activity can get you quickly into shape. Other factors to consider for weight loss includes the number of calories you consume every day, the intensity of your exercise workout, your gender, age and metabolism. In addition, you will need to recognize your fitness level, along with your weight and body fat percentage.

A cardio for weight loss program is an effective means of burning off unwanted pounds and inches within weeks.

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