What Are the Best Healthy Foods for Weight Loss?

Scientists have found that there are super foods that provide a powerhouse of nutritional energy to prevent chronic diseases, build bones, improve eyesight, build muscle mass, and improve mental acuity. Now, they are recognizing that many of the same super foods are also highly beneficial for staying slim. So exactly what are the healthy foods for weight loss?

Black Beans

Research indicates that just a single cup of black beans has an amazing 15 grams of protein that can satisfy anybody’s food cravings. In fact, they do not contain any saturated fats that are often the downside of most protein sources, including red meat.


One cup of oats is essential for all the fiber it contains. In fact, it has a healthy amount of carbohydrates (4.6 grams) that is highly effective at boosting metabolism while burning fat.


While many dieters recognize that avocados are loaded full of fat, it actually contains a healthy level of monounsaturated fat (MUFA) that is essential to the body. For successful weight loss, consider consuming one quarter or one half of the entire avocado to achieve the ultimate weight loss. In addition, you will enjoy its added protein and fiber to its delicious taste.


One of the easiest ways of consuming the leanest sources of high-quality protein is by eating salmon a few times every month. Salmon is a much leaner choice of high-quality protein than red meats and is loaded full of monounsaturated fatty acids. Dieters that received most of their rich protein through salmon and other MUFA-rich meats lost 10 pounds on average, in a single year.


Blueberries have often been recognized for their anti-aging properties. However, these tiny delectable blue fruits are low in calories, high in fiber, and considered one of the excellent healthy foods for weight loss.


Whether raw or cooked, broccoli has long been recognized for its cancer preventing properties. A single serving has more fiber the nearly any other type of food on earth. In addition, it is known for preventing weight issues, while providing the body a tremendous source of high-quality fiber.

Brown Rice

As a heart healthy fiber packed alternative to white rice, brown rice is a healthy carbohydrate that is known to burn fat and boosts the body’s metabolism. Because of its low density and high fiber, it creates a sensation of feeling full, while taking a long time to digest in the body. Consuming brown rice is an excellent way to diminish the waistline by losing weight.


If you only added one new food to your diet in an effort to lose weight, you should consider consuming a half a grapefruit every day before meals. This is because it will help you lose up to one pound every week. This delectable tangy fruit has a high source of protein, and nutritious water. You will feel full, and eat less.

The best healthy foods for weight loss are usually those that are easily affordable, good tasting, and good for you.

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