What Are Some Of The Best Weight Loss Tricks?

People are always looking for an easy way to lose those unwanted pounds. For a lot of people, this has to do with the level of will power and self-control that they have. Some people are easily tempted by rich desserts and cannot resist helping themselves to a big portion. Others claim that they feel hungry all the time because they know that they are eating less. So, in order to give yourself a fighting chance in succeeding with weight loss, here are some of the best weight loss tricks that you can use.

If you have a weakness for rich, decadent desserts, the key is to not totally deny yourself of it, because that will just keep the craving pent up until it explodes and causes you to gorge yourself. A better way would be allowing yourself one small bite of your dessert everyday. As you take this bite, savor the texture and the flavor in your mouth. Make it last as long as possible. Another secret is to eat your bite of dessert when you are full from a meal. Never eat it when you are hungry because that can set you up to eat the whole thing.

If you feel hungry all the time, try adding some chia seeds to your diet. Chia seeds have a natural property that suppresses your appetite. It absorbs water and expands to a bigger volume of a gel-like substance. When it occupies your stomach, it makes you feel full. You will not feel like snacking in-between meals. Drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of chia seeds in it. The chia will expand in your stomach, and it will keep you satisfied longer.

One of the best weight loss tricks is fooling yourself into thinking that you are eating a full plate of food. Sometimes, when you are reducing your portions each meal, you tend to feel like you are not getting enough to eat because your dinner plate may only be half filled. You can trick your mind into thinking that you are eating a full plate by putting your food on a smaller plate. Pile up your small plate with leafy greens and vegetables. Add a serving of lean protein and a couple servings of complex carbs. Eat your meal slowly, and pay attention to every bite you chew. When you eat slower, you stretch out the meal and allow your stomach to feel satisfied from the meal.

A good trick in helping yourself sustain a certain physical activity longer is by doing it with a friend. Take an aerobics class together. Work out in the gym or go for a bike ride together. When you have a workout companion, exercising will not seem like such a chore.

These are just a few of the most effective weight loss tricks tried by dieters. There are many more on the web. Give them a try, and see which ones work for you the best.

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