Weight Loss HCG: Is HCG An Effective Weight Loss Tool?

The acronym HCG represents the words "human chorionic gonadotropin". HCG is a hormone which is found in a pregnant woman's urine. In the past few years, people have been crediting HCG for their sudden weight loss.

Weight Loss HCG: Why do People Turn to HCG and How is it Administered?

Studies have revealed that two thirds of the population is either overweight and obese. Many of these people are looking for quick weight loss solutions. After all, taking a supplement is much easier than eating well and exercising. This is where HCG comes in useful.

The HCG hormone is supposed to work by suppressing the appetite. It also triggers the body to use fat for fuel as opposed to using carbohydrates.

HCG can be ingested by taking drops or pills. Another method of taking this supplement is by injection. HCG injections are more effective than pills and drops as they deliver the hormone directly into the bloodstream.

How Does Weight Loss HCG Work?

The average consumer does not buy HCG and start administering it as they please. Instead, they are likely to follow a recommendation or diet from a weight loss "expert".

In order to lose weight, a person must burn more calories than they eat. HCG diets often restrict dieters to 500 calories per day.

A very low calorie diet has drawbacks. It can force the body into starvation mode. This is undesirable as the body will try to hold on to its existing fat. Low calorie diets may also fail to give dieters the vitamins and nutrients they need.

As HCG diets have severe calorie restrictions, it is difficult to tell whether the weight loss is a result of dieting or taking HCG. Most HCG reviews have had varied results.

Some users have experienced weight loss HCG while others have remained at the same weight. As everybody does not eat the same foods, these reviews may not be the best guide as to whether or not HCG is effective.

That being said, consumers can use product reviews to find the best HCG products. There are numerous brands producing HCG supplements. Some of these products have a higher concentration of HCG than their competitors. Reading online reviews will give consumers the information they need to buy high quality products from reputable retailers.

Scientific studies regarding this hormone have not produced positive results. Some studies have stated that HCG is ineffective. Other reports have said that it has a mild effect. Until more research is conducted, consumers will not know exactly how this hormone impacts the weight loss process.

Those who are interested in taking HCG should speak to their doctor. If their doctor does not have any objections, consumers can buy drops or tablets. In the case of injections, the doctor may recommend that the patient comes in to the clinic for their shots. This is a better option than self-injecting HCG as the nurses administering the hormone are experienced at giving vitamin and hormone injections.

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