Weight Loss For Idiots: No-Brainer Solutions To Dropping Pounds

Not that dropping those pounds is going to be easy, but you certainly don't have to be lost in your efforts. Weight loss for idiots might sound harsh, but don't take it the wrong way! There are so many diets out there and weight loss tips that it's hard to know what is where and when to put it together. Don't you just want to simplify things and put together a weight loss plan that is easy to follow and provides the results that you want?

First, instead of just counting calories or paying attention to fat grams, carbohydrates or some other form of nutritional guidelines, keep it simple. While learning how to eat healthy is a process, it's not as difficult as you think. Don't cut way back on fat, carbs or calories. Instead, consider portion sizes and how often you eat out. If you eat out regularly, cut it back to once a week when you can let loose and have a meal that satisfies certain cravings.

When you have this meal, watch your portion sizes. And, as you eat throughout your day, portioning is going to be more important than counting each calorie you eat. Learn about healthy food choices, and think about what you are eating. For example, say you're cooking brisket for dinner. Instead of mashed potatoes and gravy and fried okra tonight, why don't you have green beans and sauteed squash?

And no, it doesn't mean only eating things you don't want to eat. What it means is to give yourself a balanced meal including those food cravings, but just watch how much you're eating. Don't overeat, and make sure you're getting an adequate amount of exercise for your age and weight. If you work to make healthy food choices, watch portion sizes, and get plenty of exercise, this is a good start. Hey it's weight loss for idiots, so this is going to be to the point and simple.

Now, keep a food journal to keep yourself motivated. Reflecting on each meal and time you exercise will be like recording a victory. As you get used to eating the way you're eating, you're going to discover new recipes and food choices that you hadn't thought about before when your body was toxic and in a rush. As you document your food choices, you will have a record of recipes and a way of healthy thinking when it comes to preparing meals.

Now, for the next step, you must stay organized. When it comes to weight loss for idiots, making shedding those pounds a no-brainer takes planning your meals. It happens to everyone! You go about your day, and next thing you know you're hitting a drive-thru just trying to get home. And, to boot you are starving, which is why you made the decision. Plan your meals ahead of time and look forward to them. This will help you stay focused, and it will ensure that you know exactly what you are going to be eating for your meals. Any temptations will just melt away.

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