Weight Loss Advice That Works

Although most people have heard they should not just diet but actually change their whole lifestyle to lose weight, actually accomplishing an effective change can be difficult. Perhaps the best weight loss advice is to aim for a overall change that will be effective, but make the change in incremental steps.

The first step might be different for different people. For example, one person may find changing a few items in their diet relatively easy, while a different person may find getting more exercise relatively simple. Some of most effective weight loss plans involve cutting down on the total calories and fat in the diet, eating more fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains and increasing the activity level. When all of these steps are taken, there will be a high percentage of noticeable weight loss, but most people are unable to make all of these changes simultaneously.

Weight loss advice that creates a step-by-step plan to successfully accomplish the first step before proceeding to the next and then the next will be easier to follow and result in more weight loss. Imagine a person who is approximately 50 pounds overweight, lives a relatively sedentary lifestyle and eats high fat and high calorie foods on a regular basis. Although it may be difficult, they should dispose of all the unhealthy foods from their kitchen and make a shopping list that includes only healthy, fiber and nutrient rich foods. They should also avoid fast food restaurants and choose restaurants that offer low calorie meals when eating out.

Within about two weeks they will notice a higher energy level and the loss of perhaps a few pounds. This is a good time to move to the next step in their plan and increase their activity level. While some people live in an area where they are able to walk safely around the neighborhood, others do not. Walking is a great exercise for beginners, so finding a place to walk from 15 to 30 minutes each day is important. When the positive effects of a nutritious diet and increased exercise become more obvious, it is time to kick the activity level up another notch.

Another piece of weight loss advice is to join a gym if there is one nearby, or find an active sport to participate in on a regular basis. Biking is a sport that burns calories and builds muscle, and it is a sport that can be enjoyed as an individual or with friends.

Weight loss is an incremental process, and the body burns more calories as more muscle is developed and physical activity becomes easier. A gym is also a great place to exercise, either individually or as a participant in an exercise class. Joining a class has the advantages of working with an instructor and within a group. This makes it easier to stay committed to an exercise regime because the instructor and other members of the class provide encouragement and a feeling of camaraderie.

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