Using Weight Loss Charts With Your Diet Program

In addition to being extremely unhealthy and leading to many common diseases, being fat is quite the cosmetic problem. And I don't need to remind you that losing weight is not something that can be done immediately overnight it is something that must be done gradually and with the combination of a healthy diet, lifestyle and a certain amount of physical exercise. Any good diet plan will benefit from good weight loss charts in order to help you overcome your obesity and be healthy.

One of the most common screening tools that medical professionals used to identify problems with weight is called the body mass index, or BMI chart. If you happen to have a high BMI, you might also have to use the skinfold thickness test in addition to family history physical activity, and a full diet evaluation. In order to measure obesity problems the Center for disease control has been utilizing BMI for years because it is one of the cheapest and least complicated ways to determine how problematic you're weight is to your health.

The calculation of body mass index is done by dividing your weight by your height squared, and then you multiply it by the number 703. For convenience, your weight is always measured in pounds and your height is calculated using inches, in other words if you weigh 160 pounds and you are 69 inches tall then your body mass index equals 23.6, pretty good actually.

Now, once you have calculated your body mass index you need to check the weight loss charts, and there you will notice that any BMI that is below 18.5 will be considered underweight. Then, the next level up to 24.9 will be considered normal body mass index. After that, the range goes to 29.9 and there you would be considered overweight. And then finally anything over 30.0 will be considered obese. And that is how people in the medical profession decide where you fit on the weight loss charts.

While the charts are an excellent indicator of your problem with weight they are not perfect. Every person will have a different body composition and what is perfect for me may not be ideal for you. The diet weight loss charts are, therefore, a general guide and in addition are based on people aged 20 years and above so they are not entirely accurate on younger people. And note that the height and weight measurements are based on a person wearing very light closing and no shoes.

When trying to determine the correct weight of a person is important to consider their age. A person in their mid-20s my weigh more than they do after they turned 50 and still be in perfect health, plus there are different weight loss charts for males and females. This is because males tend to have more bone mass than females in addition to more muscle mass.

So as you can see body mass index is an important indicator of your health based on the height and weight using the BMI formula. And while it is not exactly perfect it is an excellent indicator for use by the healthcare professional to determine a good diet plan for you to maintain a healthy weight and live a healthy life for years to come.

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