Tips For Yoga And Weight Loss

Have you ever seen a fat yogi? No, I didn’t think so! Yoga today is not about going to an ashram in India but is all about classes where you can do a series of yoga exercise. Since yoga poses incorporate a lot of stretching, it is a wonderful way to keep your body lithe and toned.

Since weight loss is such a buzz word, is there a possibility that yoga and weight loss go together? Many people think so and there are even programs you can buy specifically to lose weight while doing your yoga regime. Of course, doing regular exercises (and we can include yoga here) will make you feel better and will usually reduce cravings for unhealthy foods.

Today people do not just want to lose weight but they want to become healthy too. With this in mind, here are some yoga poses that can help to stimulate the liver. Our liver is our detox genie. It cleanses and purifies our blood and processes all fats, so stimulating this organ with yoga and weight loss will usually be a result. The cobra pose, the bow pose, wheel and spinal twist are all great for your liver. These poses are also not difficult to do.

Next on the list of organs and glands that help you lose weight is the thyroid gland. This gland regulates our metabolism which is why it should be always in optimum health. Some people who have weight issues have hypothyroidism which means that their thyroid is under active and is therefore sluggish is burning off fat. Yoga poses to help regulate the thyroid are the fish pose and the shoulder stand.

Another problem we have is that usually our bodies are far too acidic. No wonder when we drink coffee all the time and eat fast foods and processed foods. Our bodies have a hard time processing all these ‘nonfoods’ which is why we should in any case be adding fresh organic fruits and vegetables to our diet. Two yoga poses will help us alkalize our body are Paschimottanasana which is the seated forward bend and the head to knee pose.

Nowadays stress seems to be a way of life but there is good stress (excitement and anticipation) or bad stress (being overwhelmed). Unfortunately we are very overwhelmed with our hectic lifestyles and pressure to earn enough money to survive. However, if we are overweight, that causes a huge amount of stress too. We often lead a life that has little to do with nature. We sit down all day in our jobs and often stare at the computer screen and/or the TV screen, smart phones and tablets for hours at a time. This is obviously not the healthiest lifestyle and we often lack the time or energy to go for a walk or a run in nature breathing fresh air, which would help to balance ourselves. To get ourselves to a more balanced state, Savasana or the corpse pose would help us a lot as well as Viparita Karani where we put our legs up a wall.

These poses will help you to get your body back to balance and will show you that yoga and weight loss is a definite possibility.

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