Tips For Wedding Weight Loss

If you are getting married, the race is on. There is usually such a lot for the bride and groom to manage – invitations, wedding venue, food, entertainment, etc. etc. This tends to be a stressful time and almost all brides want to look slimmer than they presently are for their wedding. Pre-wedding stress can mean snacking and the longer away the actual wedding date is, the harder it is for the bride to manage her weight. However, this is also a very exciting time and can definitely serve as a time of inspiration to get slim and fit. With this in mind, here are some tips for wedding weight loss.

First of all, it is not a good idea to resort to extreme diet pills or anything ‘extreme’. If you are looking at several months to prepare for your special day, then it’s time to begin a healthier lifestyle. Diet and exercise regime need to be closely looked at. With this in mind, it is best to start a food diary. This means you should track and record every bite you take and every drink you consume. This alone is often an eye opener. At best it is a record of what should be changed and how. Also, the simple act of writing a food diary can help you lose weight because you then realize exactly what goes through those lips every day.

Most people can easily lose weight through portion control. It has been proven that if you actually do not see what you are eating, you listen to your body more and can stop eating what you get that full feeling. It is definitely worth a try. Put on that sleeping mask for the next few days when you sit down to a meal and experience the difference!

Do not skip breakfast. If you do, you will crave a sugary snack around mid-morning. Breakfast is a great meal and starts your metabolism off to a good day. Eating breakfast can actually help you lose a few pounds. It also gives you the opportunity to start the day eating well and healthily. How about having a nice green smoothie for breakfast a few days a week? This will incorporate some fresh raw organic fruits and some good leafy greens. You can also add some flax seed or flax seed oil to the mix or some protein powder. This not only is excellent for your body but it is a lot of food and the smoothie should be sipped slowly. This is a great way to start the day if wedding weight loss is your goal.

For your other meals, the classic lunch salad is the way to go. If possible prepare it yourself and definitely prepare the dressing. It is simple to mix a little olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper and that has fewer calories than those dressings in a bottle. Also beware of fat-free or low-fat commercial dressings. Check out their list of ingredients and see if you can pronounce any. In any case do not go overboard with the dressing.

For supper, some steamed fish and vegetables will round off a healthy day. Watch your portions and you are on your way to healthy wedding weight loss.

Last but not least, make fitness a priority. You want to be lean and toned on the day. Aim for a workout at least three times a week and enjoy a walk in the sunshine as often as you can.

These tips will enable you to lose weight and tone those muscles by your wedding day.

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