The Use Of Cinnamon For Weight Loss

The use of cinnamon for weight loss has had more publicity of late because more and more people are using it as such and having success with it. There are studies that have shown that a scoop of cinnamon added daily to your diet will help you to lose weight. Also, if you add a half-teaspoon of cinnamon to a teaspoon of honey, and add that combination to a cup of boiling water will help you to keep the pounds off and reduce your risk of heart attack.

Cinnamon is good for us, as it contains richness in iron, manganese, fiber, and calcium. Even as far back as medieval times, people have found it to relieve symptoms of indigestion, diarrhea, and bloating. It has also been shown to prevent the spread of cancer, cure bacterial infections, and help to prevent ulcers in the stomach. One of the main big deals of cinnamon is the lowering of blood sugar, which is of immense help with diabetics and heart patients. Several studies have brought to light that a daily use of cinnamon can reduce blood sugar up to 29%. Studies have shown that abdominal fate is more sensitive to the use of cinnamon than are other parts of the body.

Cinnamon has a tendency to regulate the blood pressure and at the same time increases the levels of insulin in the body, which helps to increase the metabolism of the glucose in the blood. This really helps to keep the glucose from turning into fat, because when it is metabolized the glucose turns into energy. Cinnamon will also delay the passage of food from the stomach to the intestine, which makes you feel full longer, so you don’t want to eat as much. It also is an aid in helping the body process carbohydrates in a more efficient manner, which helps with the weight loss, as the carbs are burnt and turned into energy.

The use of cinnamon for weight loss can be induced by adding some to a cup of herbal tea, sprinkle some on your morning cereal or oatmeal, or spoon some into your morning coffee. Adding it to pies, cakes, and to butter and cheese will spice up any snack or meal. Try a little cinnamon in your peach pie next time for a lifting taste that will get you going for the day.

Add cinnamon to fruit juice and cider to enhance the taste, or if you just don’t want to mess with all of the fuss, you can just take cinnamon capsules three times a day. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day and be sure you are getting enough exercise, to flush the body and keep the circulation working well.

The use of cinnamon seems like a pretty easy way to lose weight, especially since it tastes good and goes well with so many tasty dishes anyway, as you use cinnamon for weight loss. Even if you couldn’t lose weight by taking it, all of the other benefits alone would be worth the trouble.

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