The Story Of Adnan Sami Weight Loss

Adnan Sami became famous as a singer, composer and actor with his Indian music combined with a Western influence of classical, jazz, rock and pop music. He was born in London, England but is of Pakistani ancestry and lives in Mumbai, India. While he is a well-known singer, he has recently become famous because of his weight loss of 240 pounds!

The story of Adnan Sami weight loss began with a routine visit to his doctor who told him that he would not be shocked if his parents found him dead in some hotel or other. As with other people who have addictions, this was Adnan’s lowest point and also his turning point in his weight loss story.

In July 2012 Adnan started a new life in that he started eating to lose weight. It was only after losing those first 44 pounds that people actually saw a difference and asked if he was losing weight. He has a target goal of 176 pounds (80 kilos) and believes that those last kilos will be the hardest to shed. He compares losing weight to running a marathon where those last miles are the toughest as you are usually exhausted by then. He feels that because of the support of his family and friends, he has lost the weight.

Adnan Sami weight loss diet is pretty simple. He has cut down on carbs and also sugar and fats. He now eats plenty of fresh salads, dal, tandoori fish cooked without oil, popcorn without any butter and lots of sugar-free beverages. He does not drink alcohol. His typical day starts with a cup of tea without sugar. Lunch would be a generous helping of salad with a tablespoon of dressing which is also fat free. For dinner he would eat plain dal without the usual rice or rot. He could have some chicken but often does not fancy it.

He now enjoys being able to sit cross-legged. Something larger and obese people simply cannot do. He used to have to sleep in a sitting position but now he can at last lie down and sleep the night away like a normal person. Also, while he always enjoyed travelling, it soon became a nightmare because he was constantly worried about walking in front of people at airports and also not fitting into airplane seats. Now that is a thing of the past and he can enjoy his travels once more.

He tells people that it was an immense task to lose the weight and he needed lots of courage and mental strength to start on his path to becoming lean and healthy again. At the beginning he was discouraged as he knew he had such a long way ahead of him. He also lives a lifestyle where there are always parties and functions to attend and travelling to other places which make it very difficult to stick to a diet. However, after trying to diet many times and simply giving up after a week or so, this time he was ready.

Adnan Sami weight loss is a very inspiring one. Despite his hectic lifestyle he stuck to his diet and now reaps the rewards of having a healthy and slim body.

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