The Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Plan Works

Kim Kardashian looks great, and it’s amazing how fast she was able to lose 50 pounds, including her post-baby weight. Kim used a few diet plans and plain old good sense to regain her curvy figure. Specifically, she used the Atkins diet, Barry’s Bootcamp and Pilates Plus. Add one or all of these Kim Kardashian weight loss tools to your diet and watch the pounds come off.

What Is Barry’s Bootcamp?

Celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes and Amanda Seyfried swear by the Barry’s Bootcamp workouts. Classes are offered throughout the United States 365 days a year, and if attending a class isn’t convenient, you can buy a DVD. These workouts have won awards by top magazines and newspapers and they are super effective.

These workouts combine strength training and cardio. The workouts are intense, but they are fun as well. If you are able to attend the classes, you will find that the equipment is easy to handle, the music is current and trainers are at the top of their game. Each workout burns over 1000 calories, and you can see that they worked for Kim!

How Does Pilates Plus Work?

If you've never heard of Pilates Plus, you are in for a real treat. These workouts combine the best of weight training and Pilates. You get the toning and strengthening benefits of lifting weights and the sculpting benefits of Pilates. Classes are done in a circuit training sequence, and if you can’t attend classes you can find DVDs online.

Pilates Plus workouts keep up your heart rate and burn tons of calories. While the workouts are intense, they are suitable for everyone.

All you need to get started with Pilates Plus is a towel and water. Wear loose clothes and leave the jewelry at home. To get the most benefit from your Pilates Plus workout, aim to take two to three classes a week. Just take a look at the new Kim to see what Pilates Plus can do for you. If you want Kim Kardashian weight loss, you need to try this workout.

What Are The Benefits of The Atkins Diet?

Kim says she lost most of the 50 pounds by following the Atkins diet. In this low-carbohydrate diet, you consume more protein and fat that you normally would. Your body burns the fat rapidly causing you to lose weight. Carbs are only allowed in small amounts, preferably consumed through fruits and vegetables. Beef, chicken and fish make up the majority of this diet. Healthy fats like seeds, nuts and avocado also play a big role in the Atkins diet. Another plus of the Atkins diet is that you don’t feel hungry.

It took Kim about four months to lose 50 pounds, which is realistic for most women. If you want to try the Kim Kardashian weight loss plan, start with the Atkins diet and then add in Pilates Plus and Barry’s Bootcamp. Soon you’ll be looking as good as Kim.

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