The HCG Weight Loss Program: A Modern Miracle

Many physicians agree that the best weight-loss program to help you lose weight fast is a medically supervised one. The HCG weight loss program comes highly recommended. If you struggle with losing weight and keeping weight off and are looking for a planned it really works then you should consider this one. In fact many people agree that the HCG weight loss program is undoubtedly the best weight-loss diet around today. What is the HCG weight-loss program? This weight-loss program is unique due to the scientific research behind. Most other dieting and weight loss regimens rely heavily on special diets. However many of these programs fail to address the problem of an improperly functioning hypothalamus gland. With the HCG program the hypothalamus is reset so that it functions properly. When your hypothalamus functions correctly it helps too: - Reduced food cravings - Lessen hunger pangs - Improve overall metabolism - Assist the body in burning unneeded fat

In other words it helps you to look and feel better. HGC will also make you feel more energetic.

What doctors have discovered is that the hypothalamus is overworked because of the typical high-fat American diet. All of the fats, sugars, and refined foods that we eat actually retard our body's ability to properly burn fat. Scientists also discovered that a malfunctioning hypthalmus is the primary cause of obesity. When our hypothalamus doesn't work correctly, it makes your body crave more food. This leads to overeating and weight gain.

What is HCG anyway? HCG is the hormone that is produced when women are pregnant. Doctors discovered that capital HCG stimulates the hypothalamus to function at a higher capacity. In fact it's part of the process that allows the fetus to receive the energy and nutrients it needs to grow normally. Doctors noticed that evening cases where the mother was malnourished most newborn infants still had normal birth rates. This led to the discovery of how HCG functions and can help regulate body weight.

Is there a special diet with the HCG weight-loss programs? HCG weight loss programs work by using a combination of HCG doses combined with a low calorie diet. This stimulates the Hypothalamus to function better and also encourages the body to burn abnormally stored fat that it normally doesn't metabolize. No other weight-loss plan works this way. This is what makes HCG weight-loss programs so effective.

Will the weight I lose stay off? After most people successfully complete one of the HCG weight loss programs there hypothalamus is permanently reset. This increase metabolism means that your body has a new regularly maintained weight. You will be able to maintain your weight for the rest of your life by just following simple recommendations. How much weight will I lose? Some patients even lose as much as 1 to 2 pounds per day. On average most people can expect to lose about 20 pounds per month. HCG weight-loss programs are a great way to kick start your diet. In general, it's not recommended to follow in hCG dosage program for more than about two months. After that the body begins to develop an immunity to the hCG. If you are considering following in hCG weight-loss program it's advised to consult with a medical professional first. The doctor will be able to best administer the HCG and monitor your house.

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