The Bikram Yoga Weight Loss Method

I am a firm believer that any weight loss method should not just be focused on making a person shed fat. Yes, fat loss is incredibly important to a person's long term health. However losing weight is not the total story when it comes to getting fit. Beyond this, simply adhering to a fad diet almost always leads to the person gaining back all of the weight they lost.

Long term success with keeping off the fat will only be achieved when a healthy lifestyle is adopted permanently.

Bikram Yoga weight loss is one method a person can use to promote rapid fat loss combined with a healthy lifestyle change.

So what is Bikram Yogo and why is it so effective for people wanting to lose weight? Bikram is a type of yoga that is conducted in very hot rooms. You may have actually heard it referred to as "hot room yoga." The thought process behind it is that by doing yoga in a hot environment (around 100 degrees Fahrenheit) the effectiveness of the exercises will increase exponentially. It will speed up your metabolism while expelling toxins from your body.

Now I should point out here that Bikram Yoga weight loss is not easy at the beginning. In fact the first few sessions are usually described as being miserable. The problem many people have with this fat loss and exercise method is that they are not conditioned to the hot and humid environment of a Bikram Yoga room. It can be a major shock to people's systems when they first start out.

Some doctors do not recommend this system for people with preexisting heart conditions because of the initial strain placed upon the heart. It is also not a good system for a women who is pregnant because the extreme heat can compromise the pregnancy.

With all of that said, there are few systems out there that can have such a transformative impact on a person's life as this type of yoga. Yes it is difficult, but the speed at which a person sees results is spectacular. Most people will tell you that after they got through the first few sessions their bodies adapted to working out in the heat and the experience actually became pleasant for them.

If you plan on trying Bikram Yoga weight loss out, there are a few things you should do beforehand. First, please talk to your doctor in order to make sure that this method is right for you. Second, start drinking a lot of water in the days leading up to your first session. You want to go into it well hydrated. Finally do not drink a lot of water or eat a big meal prior to the yoga session. It is all to common for people to go into these hot rooms after drinking or eating a lot. This will make you feel sick and likely cause you to vomit. During the workout you should carefully follow the instructors orders.

Bikram Yoga can be a wonderful way to lose weight and get into excellent physical condition, but it is a method that needs to be approached with care.

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