The Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

You may be well aware that yoga is very effective when you are trying to alleviate stress. However, you may not be aware that yoga is also very effective at helping you melt hard to remove fat from your body. The exercise is extremely beneficial at removing the stubborn fat that appears after a person reaches the age of 40. There are several effective yoga poses for weight loss that you can add into your routine to tone your abs, arms, legs and butt.

Yoga helps to lower stress levels in the body and also increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin. These two changes in the body signal the body to use the fat that is stored on the body as fuel. When the following yoga poses are performed on a regular basis, results can be seen within a month.

The Yoga Workout

Before you begin your yoga workout you need to make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment and that you understand the workout routine.

The only equipment that you will need to perform your yoga routine is a mat. If you do not have a mat you can use a carpeted space instead.

For the best results you should perform the entire routine at least three times a week. The yoga poses for weight loss should be held one time each and for up to five breaths. If you find this is too difficult for you, you can perform a modified version of the pose until you are strong enough to try the more difficult variation.

People who are looking to see faster results can hold each pose for more breaths and increase the number of repetitions.

The Crescent

One yoga pose for weight loss is called the Crescent. This move helps to tone and firm the hips, thighs and abs.

You begin the pose by standing tall with your feet facing forward, your legs together and your arms relaxed at your sides. Inhale and lift your arms up towards the ceiling. When you exhale, bend your hips in front of you and lower hands to the floor. Inhale again and when you exhale the second time, move your right leg back and bend the leg into a right angle.

This will place you into a lunge position and when you inhale again, return the leg to the starting position. Repeat sequence on other leg.

The Willow

This yoga pose helps to firm your oblique muscles or the sides of your abs. You begin the pose in the same position as the Crescent. Stand with your feet together and your arms relaxed at your sides. Take the sole of your right foot and place it against your left inner thigh. Let your palms meet in front of your chest and hold the pose for two breaths.

When you inhale the third time, raise your hands towards the ceiling. You will then exhale. On the fourth inhale you will return to the starting position. This pose can be more challenging if you close your eyes during the position changes.

These are just two yoga poses for weight loss that you can include in your daily exercise routine. Stay consistent with the routine and you will begin to see the stubborn fat melt away.

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