The Best Foods For Weight Loss

It should not be a big secret as to what foods one should classify as the best foods for weight loss. Just be observant when you overeat during the holidays, and suddenly discover that when you step on the scales in the latter part of December, you have gained 15 pounds from the time you started eating for the holidays in mid November.

One big culprit that looms is all of the processed foods that our society consumes. Consisting largely of white flour, saturated fats, GMO foods, and tons of sugar, it is no wonder that a society infatuated with pies, cakes, candy, and huge portions of beef, potatoes and starches is fast becoming an obese society. Sugary deserts and snacks are a huge proponent in causing weight gain with adults and children.

So if we are to lose weight, it makes sense that we should take note of the foods that make us fat and cut down on their consumption, or eliminate them and replace them altogether. Replacing animal meat such as beef and pork with fish is a good start. Processing animal meats is a big job for the body to do, and if we eat less of it, our bodies don’t have to work as hard to digest it.

If you can buy organic meats, you will be better off. Most of the feedlots add hormones to the beef to cause more growth for the animal, which brings a higher price at the market. Does it make sense that if the steer is being bulked up with hormones, and you eat that meat, won’t that have some effect on you? Cutting down on the bread products such as hamburger and hot dog buns, and stick to more whole grain breads will help to reduce the weight gain as well by eating more of the best foods for weight loss.

It is estimated that that average family consumes less in the way of vegetables in a month, than that of an average family of two generations did in a three-day period. A diet heavy in vegetables will fill you up with vitamin packed, and roughage-laden powerhouses of nutritional wealth. But vegetable don’t taste like strawberry shortcake and take too long to chew, so they don’t find our dinner plates very often.

The addition of fruits to our diets will also help us to reduce our calorie intake. Apples are a wonderful snack instead of a bon bon or chips. Apples are sometimes hard for people to eat until you get it started, so get an apple corer that slices the apple automatically, throw the slices in a bowl, and you are good to go. Eat one apple, and your appetite will be satisfied for an hour or two.

Losing weight works on a formula. Eat less in the way of calories than your body needs. Eat foods that will build your body and reduce the fat. Green vegetable are great for this, as they tend to work on fat and get it out of the body before it is stored, plus they fill you up quickly, so you won’t eat so much of the wrong foods, and more of the best foods for weight loss.

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