The Benefits of Using a Pilates Weight Loss Plan

Pilates is an established body-toning program that is designed to enhance muscle control, core strength, coordination and flexibility. Individuals following an effective Pilates weight loss plan experience improved respiration, stronger muscles, and increased circulatory function. In fact, Pilates offers tremendous physical benefits, especially weight loss.

Using Pilates to lose weight does not provide significant weight loss directly. However, it does have the ability to change body shape and creates an open awareness of an individual’s body. It helps improve and open consciousness about food that is consumed, and helps one understand body signals of satiation, which can significantly prevent overeating caused by stress.

Pilates is an effective tool for building muscle mass, which in turn can burn more calories. It helps the individual become aware of their physicality, which automatically and naturally encourages them to consume less food.

Pilates works as an effective tool when incorporated with a weight loss regimen. It helps the individual focus on better and healthier food choices, and controlling portion sizes. In fact, the mind-body classes of Pilates help to supplement intense aerobic exercise including running, walking on a treadmill and swimming. An efficient Pilates weight loss plan often incorporates resistance training workouts and hard cardio on alternate days with Pilates yoga classes performed on rest days.

Developing a Stronger Core

Pilates is beneficial when flattening the abs. In fact, when properly performed, Pilates exercises can create a washboard stomach on both men and women. In addition, it helps to create a healthier body and back unlike any other available exercise. The Pilates weight loss plan is built around flexibility. This is important because the more flexible the muscle is, the stronger it becomes. In addition, it helps creates a sense of balance to allow all body parts to function properly.

The Aerobic Affect

Regular Pilates exercise routines are not designed to create an aerobic affect. However, it does tend to increase heart rate, and increase the levels of oxygen to the body through exercise and movement. In addition, the contraction of muscles performed during Pilates exercise routines forces the body to burn an excessive amount of calories, often at a lower rate than cardiovascular exercises including biking, running and swimming.

In addition, Pilates exercises help create muscle mass which will burn a considerable number of calories in an effort to support the growth of new tissue. Incorporating a workout exercise routine with the Pilates weight loss plan, 3 to 5 times every week, is a nutritious and healthy alternative for losing weight safely and effectively.

Other Benefits

Pilates offers a variety of other benefits over weight loss. This includes toning the muscles of the body, and strengthening the spine. In addition, Pilates has been proven to be highly effective at reducing tension, stress, anxiety, and depression levels. It is known to moderately increase lean muscle mass and sculpt physique.

Individuals that follow a Pilates weight loss plan tend to improve their mental and physical aspects involving good health. Success rates often appear in a relatively short period of time.

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