The Benefits of Taking Quality Chia Seeds for Weight Loss

Many individuals have benefited by consuming Chia seeds for weight loss, and to eliminate hunger. The Chia seeds and long been grown by Native Americans and incorporated into their diet. They provide significant benefits including fiber and nutrients. Because they have no taste, they add or detract nothing from a meal, except a boost of nutrition.

Chia seeds are sourced around the world from a flowering plant that is akin to the mint plant. Most are grown in Guatemala and Mexico, and were an important staple for Aztec Indians centuries ago. Today, many individuals consume Chia seeds for weight loss and other health benefits including energy boosting, digestion aids, blood sugar stabilizing, and to lower cholesterol.

In fact, there are significant reasons for adding Chia seeds to a daily diet. These include:

Get More Fiber – Chia seeds are beneficial to a diet because a single ounce serving provides 11 grams of dietary fiber to the body. This is approximately 1/3 of the amount of fiber that is recommended for daily consumption. This is essential to digestive health, and improves the quality of nutrients that are consumed each day.

Omega-3 quality Fatty Acids – Chia seeds are loaded with omega-3 quality fatty acids. A single serving provides five grams of omega-3. These fatty acids are essential to maintain quality health.

Loaded with Manganese – One serving of Chia seeds is loaded with 28 grams of manganese, or approximately 30 percent of your recommended daily dose. This is essential because it provides the body thiamin and biotin.

High-Quality Protein – A single serving of Chia seeds is loaded with 4.4 grams of high-quality protein, or approximately 10 percent of the amount you are supposed to consume every day. This is beneficial for vegetarians, and that this type of protein has no cholesterol at all.

Fighting off Belly Fat – Many individuals take Chia seeds for weight loss, because it helps reduce the potential of insulin resistance. In fact, Chia seeds are known to have a stabilizing effect on the body’s blood sugar levels. This minimizes insulin resistance, which has been directly tied to increased belly fat.

Appetite Suppressant – Chia seeds for weight loss are also loaded with the amino acid tryptophan – just like turkey. Tryptophan is a natural appetite suppressant, which also helps improve mood and sleep patterns.

A Heart Healthy Supplement – One dose of Chia seeds is known to be beneficial to the heart. In fact, the seeds have been shown to improve blood pressure in individuals suffering from a variety of medical conditions including diabetes. It is also known to be heart healthy because it lowers bad cholesterol levels and triglycerides.

A Safe Alternative

Chia seeds for weight loss has been proven highly effective for losing weight and a safe way to consume protein, manganese, omega-3 quality fatty acids and fiber. When taken in the proper quantities, it is safe for any normal diet. It can provide the body more energy, fewer pains and aches, clearer thinking, better regularity, healthier nails and glowing skin.

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