The Benefits of Participating in a HCG Weight Loss Program

Many individuals have used hCG weight loss programs as an effective way for losing weight and keeping it off. HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a natural hormone produced in pregnant women that provides a variety of benefits. When taken as a supplement, through injections or drops, in combination with a very low caloric diet (VLCD), individuals can lose upwards of one half pound every day for up to 43 days at a time.

Men and women that want to lose a lot of weight can find real benefit through hCG hormone injections. This is because the diet and injections do not require routine workout exercises to lose weight.

Weight loss through the program is achieved by taking daily hCG hormone injections while consuming a total 500 calorie diet each day. This is important because the hCG will naturally release stored body fat into the dieter’s bloodstream to be used as converted energy throughout the day. Because the fat is naturally released due to the injections, the dieter does not need to spend endless hours sweating away in the gym.

Quick Weight Loss

Individuals that take the hCG injections, and follow the very low caloric diet tend to lose weight easily and quickly. In fact, many patients can lose upwards of 20 pounds within 15 days. However, the 500-calorie diet should be developed around an approved list of acceptable foods. This means avoiding sugars and starches, while developing a lean diet around quality proteins, fruits and vegetables. Like following any other diet, the dieter will need to maintain a healthy way of consuming a balanced menu to maintain their weight loss.

Significant Health Benefits

Individuals that have shown great success on hCG weight loss programs have been able to reduce many medical conditions including type II diabetes. It also helps reduce the potential for heart disease, and other coronary health conditions.

The hCG weight loss program was designed by Dr. Simeon back in the 1960s in Rome, Italy. In his book “Pounds & Inches,” he first notes that he found the correlation between weight loss and hCG. Since then, hundreds of thousands of individuals have experienced significant weight loss, and have been able to keep it off using his proven methods of a low-calorie diet plus injections.

HCG Drops

Only recently have hCG drops become available on the open market. These homeopathic drops are applied sublingually, or under the tongue, throughout the day. Like the injections, the drops of been shown to be highly significant at producing positive effects for weight loss in both men and women.

Many individuals note that they are simply not hungry when taking the injections or drops. This is because of the release of fats from stored fat cells, into the bloodstream. It likely provides a sense of feeling full throughout the entire day.

Many individuals have notice that their body becomes more sculpted when participating in an hCG weight loss treatment program. They find that their body tends to contour to an ideal shape while the skin tones in many problem areas. This includes eliminating pot bellies and double chins, making the body and face appear refreshed and rejuvenated.

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