The Benefits of HCG Weight Loss Drops

Back in the 1960s, Dr. Simeon in Rome Italy recognized that some of his patients taking hCG had a noticeable change in their body shape. In fact, the extra fat on their torsos were redistributed to other areas of the body, creating a more natural appearance. He used this sensational find to develop an effective weight loss program by incorporating a very low caloric intake diet. Today, hCG weight loss drops are available to anyone that wants to achieve the same results.

In fact, hCG weight loss drops are highly effective because of their phenomenal fat burning abilities. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural hormone produced in pregnant women. It is now synthetically produced in a laboratory, and blended with vitamin B12 along with other healthy ingredients.

When used correctly, the hCG weight loss drops can burn abnormal stored fats from the belly, abdomen, thighs, chin, neck, back, legs and shoulders. In addition, it has been proven highly effective at restoring normal eating habits, and diminishing the craving for sweets and fatty foods.

HCG weight loss drops are a homeopathic formula prepared by a rigorous specific dilution process to minimize the potential of side effects. Because of that, dieters taking the drops as directed never have a sensation of being hungry while on the protocol. The drops are proving to be highly effective at burning stored fats that are released into the bloodstream when consuming a low calorie diet.

Weight Loss Benefits

Most individuals that take the hCG weight loss drops show phenomenal results in losing weight. They also experience a variety of other benefits that include:

•   No need to exercise to lose weight •   Minimal to no hunger at all •   A loss of pounds and inches •   Fast results of up to five pounds every week on average •   A boost in energy and confidence •   An easier way to keep the weight off •   An easier way to develop better eating habits •   A way to look and feel great

Health Benefits

Individuals that take hCG weight loss drops on a daily basis tend to experience significant health benefits. Many of these include:

•   A strengthening of the immune system •   Nourishment to the nervous system •   Increased mental focus and acuity •   The prevention of deadly diseases including breast cancer, gout, asthma, blood pressure, heart attack and diabetes •   Permanent fat loss •   Rejuvenation of healthier skin •   Prevention of pre-maturing dark spots, wrinkling, freckles and acne scars

Taking hCG drops orally is an effective way to target abnormal stored body fat. In fact, it helps the skin retract even after quick weight loss to improve its elasticity and minimize sagging skin.

Many individuals that take the drops recognize that they have a change in their appetite after just a day or two. They tend to consume smaller meals, and never seem to have hunger pangs or the desire to consume unhealthy foods.

The oral hCG weight loss drops help the body adjust to consuming a lower caloric diet to achieve significant weight loss in just a few weeks. The drops are beneficial for both men and women.

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