Steps to Take for Fasting Weight Loss Success

Fasting is an established practice that is been done for centuries for many religious reasons. However, a fasting weight loss program seems to defy logic to many individuals. While it is true that consuming only a minimal amount or no food at all can result in significant weight loss, it often produces a short-term result.

The Process

Many individuals choose a fasting weight loss program that avoid starvation, or taking bizarre supplements, or completely eliminating food groups over the long haul. In fact, fasting tends to be based on making small sacrifices while using specific techniques. While it does not always work for every individual, fasting can be incorporated into a lifestyle and prove is a short-term solution for losing weight.

Mainly Water

Many individuals believe that they are living a healthy lifestyle because they drink a light beer, fruit smoothie, or an energy drink. While each bottle of these beverages contain approximately 100 calories, they in no way provide nutrients for the body. In essence, they are all a waste of useless calories, which can put weight on the body over time. In addition, other consume beverages are often high in carbohydrates and sodium that often trick muscles and tissues in retaining water, and cause a bloating or puffy feeling.

Alternatively, drinking mainly water is the ideal way to slim down. Water contains no sodium, carbohydrates or calories. In fact, it is known as the ideal way to flush out toxins, and excess water weight to kick start the body’s metabolism. If drinking plain water tends to be too boring, consider adding mint leaves or lemon wedges.

Avoid White Bread and Pasta

Inexpensive white grain products including sandwich rolls, spaghetti and white rice can wreak havoc around the mid-drift. These foods tend to digest in the body extremely quickly, leaving you with the sensation of being hungrier than you were before. Instead, consider consuming whole-grain products, and substitute vegetables for grains altogether a few times every week. Consider turning any sandwich into a salad and foregoing the grain. It will provide the body more energy, because it takes longer to digest, allowing the sensation to remain fuller longer.


An effective solution for losing weight quickly in a fasting weight loss program is to incorporate cardio exercise at least 30 minutes every day. This helps boost metabolism rates, while burning off undesired pounds and inches. In addition to standard treadmills for cardio exercise, consider spinning, Boot Camp workouts, and cardio kickboxing. It is easy to burn up to 300 calories in a half hour, while toning the legs, arms, and core.

Consider Coffee

Even though water is extremely beneficial to the body, individuals should consider drinking coffee when on a fasting weight loss regimen. This is because it can quickly energize a workout routine, and allow the body to burn more calories without the need to push the exercise.

Getting quality sleep, drinking lots of water, avoiding white breads, and participating in cardio activities is a great solution for dropping pounds and inches. It works well for losing weight one, when Incorporated with a fasting weight loss program.

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