PCOS Weight Loss Method

All methods of losing weight work. That might sound like blasphemy because you have tried all sorts of methods and have failed. I am not saying that all weight loss methods are good but that they work. Any program that has you eating less calories than you burn will help you lose weight. So, does this make you the problem? Yes and No! There are bad programs that take too much self-control and discipline and most programs do not focus on the science of losing weight and the brain chemistry of losing weight. We will discuss the smart way to lose weight for pcos weight loss.

The Brain Chemistry of Losing Weight

Who would have thought that the most important organ in your brain would play a role in weight loss? The truth is that our brain is designed to keep us alive, not to make us look good naked. What does that mean? It means that our brain is more geared towards survival and it evolved for dealing with a scarcity of food. So when we feed it yummy yet unhealthy processed food that is full of fat and sugar, our brain produces dopamine, which makes us happy and that encourages us to continue to feed it junk. The body also doesn't like to lose weight because as we evolved those who could carry more fat and who had a slower metabolism were better able to survive food shortages. All these were good things before super markets and McDonald's were invented but are horrible for us now because very few people in the industrial world deal with food shortages. People with pcos weight loss have a hard time losing weight and we suggest a more evolutionary approach to losing weight and that is what we will talk about.

An Evolutionary Approach

Since now we know why our brain doesn't want us to look good in a swimsuit, we must now talk about how to fool the brain and give it what it really needs. If fast food and processed foods weren't available, we wouldn't have a problem with weight gain. So, one of the first things we need to do is to change our diet to one that can fool our hormones and one that will not create hormonal based addictions. We need to eat how we were created to eat and that means natural foods.

We need a diet that is mostly plant based, that means fruits and veggies and meat. Truthfully, that is what you should eat 90% of the time and you should allow one cheat day per week as you retrain your palette and your brain. Our natural diet is naturally slimming and satiated and no one has ever gotten fat on a whole foods diet. This approach is agreeing with nature and how we were intended to eat before we made junk food and food that caused addictions.

Use this to lose weight for pcos weight loss and you will be happy.

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