Numerous Celebrity Weight Loss Stories

Living a life as a celebrity is not always as easy and luxurious as it would appear. This is because celebrities often need to lose a significant amount of weight, when starring in a new movie or TV show. The life of a celebrity usually happens under a microscope, where any small gain or loss of a few pounds is noticeable.

However, they have been highly successful at finding alternative solutions for losing weight quickly, and keeping it off. The celebrity weight loss programs they follow can benefit anyone that is willing to take on the same weight loss commitment.

To be effective, celebrities tend to avoid crash diets that can easily weaken their immune system, and leave them extremely vulnerable to hurting their heart or other organs. In addition, a quick weight gain can also be bad, especially on the joints and heart.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is an Oscar and Grammy winner that lost a significant amount of weight in 2010. In fact, the year before she lost significant baby weight before she needed to start shooting a movie. Since then, she has used celebrity trainers and cut back on daily caloric intake by following an effective weight watchers program. In fact, she has been so successful that she has drop down 10 dress sizes, from a 16 to a size 6.

Drew Carey

Drew lost an amazing 80 pounds over the years since 2010. His efforts were so successful, he stopped taking his type II diabetes medications, because they were no longer needed. Since then, he has kept the weight off by sticking to a restrictive diet of quality proteins along with organic vegetables and fruits. In addition, he follows a strict cardio workout regimen of 45 minutes, six days every week.

John Goodman

In the middle of filming Roseann episodes, John Goodman tipped the scales at an amazing 370 pounds, back in 2007. Since that time, John quit drinking, and removed all sugars from his diet. In addition, he has begun a strict workout regimen six days every week, and has lost over 100 pounds.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly is always had to deal with childhood baby fat, until she took the initiative of a strict workout regimen and a quality diet. Now she incorporates her dance workouts and has dropped well over 50 pounds. Her once larger size, now accommodates a size 2 body frame, where she now appears on the front page of many celebrity magazines.

Janet Jackson

One of the most recognized celebrity weight loss stories involves Janet Jackson, Michael’s sister. This notorious yo-yo weight loss dieter has finally gotten a handle on her weight by watching what she eats, and working out routinely with a trainer.

Most of the celebrity weight loss stories involve stars that have needed to lose weight to remain successful in their occupation. For the rest of us though, we can receive many of the same benefits by developing a strict workout regimen, changing to a healthier diet, and cutting back on the daily intake of calories.

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