Motivational Weight Loss Stories

One of the hardest parts of losing weight is staying motivated. If you are like most people, when you first start a diet and exercise program, you are completely committed and hit it with everything you’ve got. As time passes, however, your motivation starts to wane. It begins innocently enough – an extra snack here, a missed workout there. Before you know it, however, you have reverted back to your old habits.

The best way to combat this problem is by finding ways to stay motivated until you reach your goals. One of the most effective means of doing this is by reading weight loss stories. Reminding yourself of the challenges that other people have overcome is an excellent way to maintain momentum with your own diet and exercise program. Here are some tips for how to use weight loss success stories as a motivational tool in your own weight loss journey.

Look For Inspiring Before And After Photos

Before and after photos can be incredibly inspiring – especially if they come from real people. Spend some time browsing through weight loss forums looking for before and after photos posted by members. Print out a few of your favorites and stick them on your fridge. Each time you reach for a snack or meal, the photos will serve as a reminder of what you are working toward. Also, don’t forget to take your own “before” photos when you start your diet and exercise program. That way you can share your own success story with others when you finally reach your goals.

Read About The Challenges Others Have Overcome

Reading about the weight loss challenges that others have overcome can help motivate you to overcome your own personal challenges. Look for inspiring weight loss stories where people have beaten seemingly insurmountable odds. For instance, there are people who have lost hundreds of pounds, trained for marathons, lost weight in spite of having busy families or underlying health issues and just about anything else you can imagine. When you start reading about the determination that many of these people found, it can help you find the same level of determination in your own weight loss efforts.

Share Your Own Journey

Nothing is quite as motivational as sharing your own weight loss success story with others. Consider starting a blog to chronicle your entire weight loss journey. Post your “before” photos in your first post, and discuss all of the reasons why you want to lose weight. Check in regularly with updates, making sure to outline the types of foods you are eating, your overall exercise program and any challenges that you encounter. As you gain readers, you will become more and more motivated to stick with your program and reach your goals.

Weight loss stories can be incredibly motivational. If you are beginning a weight loss program, spend some time online reading about the success other people have found. It is a great way to get motivated to stick with your diet and exercise program long enough to see results.

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