Master Cleanse Weight Loss: Will It Work For You?

Weight loss is a goal that many struggle to achieve. There are a wide variety of diets out there that claim to help people to lose weight. One of the most popular is the Master Cleanse weight loss program. This article examines the efficacy of this plan.

The Master Cleanse weight loss program was originally promoted as a body detoxification plan. The general philosophy behind the program was that the body is constantly flooded with toxins due to an unhealthy modern diet. Fasting is a way of giving your body a break to help the body purge itself of the toxins already stored in the body. Another side effect of such a fast is dramatic weight loss, which is one reason that a program originally just meant to detoxify the body became associated with weight loss.

The Master Cleanse is a fasting regimen that lasts approximately two weeks. During this time one is only allowed to drink a special lemonade. This is composed of water, lemon juice, high quality maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. The lemon juice is believed to help with the cleansing of the body. The maple syrup contains some basic nutrients and a minimal amount of calories to help people maintain the fast. The cayenne pepper is believed to help boost the metabolism, which is really needed given the dramatic reduction in calories.

There is no question that the Master Cleanse will lead to a dramatic reduction in weight. One is consuming roughly only 650 calories per day, well below anyone's maintenance amount. However, when one reduces calories this dramatically over a long period of time, one is also in danger of losing lean body mass as well. As a result, one's long term resting metabolic rate is likely to also decrease. This usually results in someone rapidly putting weight back on after completing a Master Cleanse fast.

There are steps that one can take to mitigate this effect. One could fast only one to three days at a time while performing strength training in the interim. Studies have shown that short fasts accompanied by strength training help to retard the digestion of muscle.

The other potential weight loss benefit associated with the Master Cleanse program if done in moderation relates to the fact that many believe that the modern obesity epidemic is related to a build up of toxins in modern food. When the body is overwhelmed with toxins, it will tend to store them in fat cells. It will then be reluctant to empty the contents of those cells, fat included, if the body is still continuing to process more and more toxins. Thus many believe fasting allows many of these toxins to be released by giving the body a break from the intake of new toxins every day. This theoretically should make losing weight easier.

The Master Cleanse weight loss program is a very controversial way to shed pounds. While it definitely works in the short term, keeping off weight with the regimen can be especially difficult unless one chooses to moderate the overall program.

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