Is There Such A Thing As America Ferrera Weight Loss?

If you don't know America Ferrera, you should know that she is a Hollywood actress known her role in Ugly Better and sisterhood of the traveling pants. Although she is really a regular size 6 or size 8, most people believe she is a plus size   , which really isn't true. But anyway, this misconception has people taking a second look and wondering about some kind of America Ferrera weight loss program, but is there such a thing? If you ask us, there really is no such thing as an America Ferrera weight loss program. If there were, she wouldn't be the spokesperson for all women with curves in Hollywood.

Anyway, if you're wondering how to lose weight, you shouldn't be disappointed that there's no America Ferrera weight loss program because there are many way out there that you can lose weight without resorting to extreme weight loss programs, diet pills or starving yourself to death.

Work from the inside first

Overweight people typically have buried emotional issues that needs to be addressed. Since no baby was ever born overweight, you really have to wonder why some people could go from “just right” to overweight. It might be self-esteem issues or some childhood drama or trauma. So, before starting out any weight loss program, you need to ask yourself what led you to take eat so much and take on a lot of unnecessary pounds. This process can be very uncomfortable and thus it's very important that you have friends to talk to. If you're not the sharing type, keep a diary. Send love to yourself and work on being happy all the time no matter what the circumstances are.

Visualize your ideal body type

It's been said that everything starts with the mind, and it does, and all the thing that you see all around first started in someone's mind. Thus, before you do any diet program, picture yourself at your ideal weight. It will help if you keep reminders everywhere of your ideal. You can take pictures of slim women or simply write your ideal weight on several memo notes and post them where they are visible to you.

Work like thunder

When you've got your goal in place, work on it. Enroll in the gym or simply make an inventory of what's in your refrigerator and throw away the foods that don't serve your goal. As has been said before, out of sight, out of mind.

In order to help you reach your goal, it would help if you have an accountability partner who will remind you of your goal everyday and to kick your butt when you slack off and procrastinate, like your best friend or someone from your support group.

If you notice, we didn't recommend any diet programs, that's because we believe that any weight loss program will work as long as you have the right mindset and you constantly work at your weight loss goal.

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