Is The Consumption Of Apple Cider Vinegar And Weight Loss Connected?

The use of vinegar to aid in weight loss is not a recent trend. The liquid has been used for centuries as a way to accelerate weight loss. The vinegar and weight loss claims are considered a myth by many. However, many people have claimed they have lost weight simply by taking a spoonful or two of vinegar before they eat a meal.

Consuming a small amount of vinegar every day has been said to help reduce cravings and decrease the appetite along with speeding up a person’s metabolism. So does vinegar really help with weight loss? Anyone who is taking vinegar as a weight loss aid must also incorporate healthy eating and exercise in their lifestyle. The vinegar is not a miracle product but it can help to reduce body mass while providing other benefits as well.

Are The Vinegar And Weight Loss Claims A Myth Or Fact?

Many believe that the reason vinegar is so helpful with weight loss is because it reduces blood sugar spikes and helps to keep a person’s appetite under control. Recent studies have been conducted and they have shown that some people did experience a modest weight loss and a suppressed appetite. The conclusion of the study helped to prove that vinegar does:

•   Reduce body weight •   Reduce body mass •   Reduce serum triglyceride in the body

Most experts believe that one key component found in vinegar is responsible for this body fat reduction. Acetic acid is this component.

Many studies have not been performed on the results of the consumption of vinegar and weight loss in humans. A lot more research will need to be conducted before a definitive answer can be given about the fat loss benefits of vinegar.

The vinegar diet is a popular diet and it is often used by those who are looking to lose the most amount of weight in the least amount of time. The claims of the diet are attractive and many people are led to believe that the vinegar will rapidly increase their metabolism so they will lose weight fast. In reality, there is not an individual food or product that can cause you to lose weight quickly unless you are also eating healthy and exercising.

Apple cider vinegar does provide additional health benefits that when combined with weight loss can make you healthier overall. Blood sugars levels are more balanced when a person consumes apple cider vinegar before a meal. The vinegar helps to lower the GI or glycemic index of the food. Controlled blood sugar spikes can help reduce body fat. Apple cider vinegar is also an excellent anti-fungal product and it helps those who suffer with fungal conditions such as yeast infection and candida.

The Reasons Why You Should Choose Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is often chosen over other types of vinegar not only for weight loss but for other benefits. This type of vinegar has detoxifying qualities that has been shown promising for the prevention of:

•   Cancer •   Diabetes •   Acid reflux •   High cholesterol

If you are interested in trying the vinegar and weight loss plan, you will simply need to add three teaspoons of vinegar into a glass of water and drink the mixture before each meal. Unpasteurized vinegar will provide you with more nutrients. Always check with your practitioner to make sure you are a good candidate for this type of plan.

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