Information On Acupressure For Weight Loss

Acupressure is a way of putting firm pressure on specific points on your body to stimulate and ease functions in other parts of your body. Your body is interconnected with a very complex nervous system. Pathways from one specific nerve point to another are well defined. When you can identify these pathways, you have a very effective way in controlling how your body responds. Learning acupressure for weight loss can help you achieve the slimmer body that you have struggling to attain.

Before you undergo acupressure treatment, you should always consult with your doctor. Acupressure is often used by health professional in alternative medicine to treat body ailments. So, acupressure should not be taken lightly because it can affect the functions of your internal organs. Your doctor can tell you if your body can handle the stimulation from acupressure. Talk about the benefits and risks in terms of your own health history.

Acupressure can be used to suppress your appetite and reduce your craving for food. That is one of the problems that many dieters have because they often succumb to hunger pangs and food cravings. More often than not, they grab whatever is convenient to satisfy that hunger. Unfortunately, the convenient food choices are often unhealthy.

You can learn acupressure techniques so that when you have these cravings, you can do the acupressure technique on your body and make those cravings go away.

One common acupressure point is on your ear lobe, on the fleshy part of the ear where earrings are usually worn. Take of any earrings that you may be wearing. With your index finger and thumb, apply firm but gentle pressure steadily on that part for about eight seconds. Release for ten seconds, than reapply the pressure again at the same spot. Do this five times on each ear. This should help in decreasing your appetite so you would not want to snack anymore.

Another acupressure point can be found above your ankle bone on the inner side of your leg. This point is about 2.5 inches from your ankle bone. Put pressure on this point with your knuckle and thumb for about a minute, then slowly release. This pressure point leads to the spleen and can help in tightening your digestive system.

You can get a book on reflexology to learn more about acupressure for weight loss. It the beginning, it may be awkward for you to fumble around and apply pressure to different parts of your body. You may not get to exactly the right point in the beginning. So, it takes practice to be able to quickly identify those pressure points on your body. The more you do it, the more familiar with it you will be. Just by learning where the critical points are for your stomach, your spleen and your digestive system will help you apply acupressure for weight loss more effectively. When you combine this with your healthy diet plan and regular exercise program, you will lost those extra pounds before you know it.

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