How to Enjoy a Vegan Weight Loss Program

A vegan diet is the only scientifically proven way to eliminate unwanted pounds and inches, and keep it off for 12 months or more. However, this often includes eating a low calorie vegan menu, to achieve a pencil-thin body frame in a relatively short amount of time. Many individuals choose a vegan weight loss option to attain the thin body they have always desired.

The Diet Plan

An effective vegan weight loss diet plan is filled with a huge assortment of foods that include natural fruits, vegetables, soy products, high-fiber foods, and some processed foods available at health food retail outlets. A vegan dieter is often highly encouraged to consume at least three meals every day including breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a minimal snack if required. In detail, vegans tend to consume:

Organic vegetables and fruits Beans, nuts and soy products Organic olive, canola and sesame oils, and sometimes coconut oil Whole grains including bread, cereal, pasta, tortillas and others Brown rice, potatoes, and sweet potatoes Organic ice cream, corn chips Tasty desserts that uses cane juice, maple syrup or other sweetener Water, organic red wine, decaf green tea

For a vegan, interested in following a vegan weight loss program, their typical meal plan usually involves:

•   Breakfast containing a banana, kiwi, mango or soy yogurt •   Lunch containing a raw organic vegetable salad •   Healthy snacks involving exotic vegetable chips in a small serving •   Dinner involving a vegetarian meal such as Pad Thai, Moo Shu or other

Organic Is Better

Sometimes, the local community has a farmers market, filled with organic fruits and vegetables. This is more beneficial than purchasing produce from the grocery store. If a farmers market is not available, consider purchasing items in a co-op in the local community, or use a service that delivers organic produce right to the door.

In fact, an effective vegan weight loss program often incorporates natural herbs and seasonings as a way to deliciously flavor the food. Keep an herb rack well stocked of natural organic dried or fresh herbs.

Whenever possible, it is essential to purchase organic foods that have been grown in nutrient dense soil. They will add significantly more flavor to the food, making it much easier to eat less.


Snacking is one of the most deadly ways of gaining weight throughout the day. Instead of selecting process foods, consider fiber-rich fruits and vegetables during snack time. Pears and apples tend to be great options because they are filled with fiber that make you feel fuller throughout the entire day.

The Joy of Oatmeal

Many individuals that want to enjoy a vegan weight loss program often are hung up on eating a traditional breakfast, which can be the heaviest meal of the day. Instead, consider giving up sugary cereals by replacing it with heart-healthy oatmeal. In fact, oatmeal is considered the ideal breakfast food choice because it can easily be enhanced with flax seed, bananas, apples, care powder, cinnamon, raisins or maple syrup.

A vegan diet is not that difficult to maintain, especially when it proves to be a significant tool for losing weight.

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