How to Achieve Healthy Weight Loss

As if living a hectic lifestyle was not bad enough, we often consume massive portion size meals three times a day. It is not surprising that our health is often compromised. As an alternative, many individuals and families choose to find a healthy weight loss solution, even if they have tried and failed at losing weight before.

Maintaining a healthy weight can be a balancing act that is often easy to manage, if you understand how. By consuming too many calories every day, based on what the body burns, it is easy to gain weight. Alternatively, minimizing caloric intake to a healthy limit, while burning off excess calories, is an effective healthy weight loss plan.

Approximately 3500 calories equates to a single pound of fat. Therefore, if you have the ability to cut 500 calories out of your daily diet, you can lose about one pound every week. The process is simple, if you understand exactly how.

All too often, individuals consider weight loss to be too challenging, and require extreme diets that often leave us starving and cranky. To overcome that, we often develop emotional eating habits that sabotage us before we even begin the process of significantly losing weight. However, by developing smart food choices, it is easy to develop quality eating habits that can make the body feel satisfied, and win the battle maintaining a healthy weight.

Getting Started

While every human on earth is unique, we all share the same solution for achieving permanent healthy weight loss. The process is simple, and includes:

•   A Permanent Lifestyle Change – Instead of using a short-term diet solution, it is better to make a permanent lifestyle change. This means living a healthier life, making better food choices, exercising every day, and making a commitment to stick to it.

•   Gaining Support – To be successful at anything, often requires a cheering section. Support is essential to losing weight, and can be acquired through friends, family, or a support group. The more encouragement you receive, the better.

•   Winning the Race – Much like the tortoise and the hare, a slow and steady progress tends to win the race in the end. Instead of losing significant weight over the short-term, consider losing 1 to 2 pounds every week. This will provide a healthier solution, and allow you to stay motivated to lose even more.

•   Staying Motivated – Setting long-term goals is highly effective to staying motivated. A short-term goal, like attempting to fit into a bikini at summertime, often provides frustration, when you simply cannot reach the goal line. Set reasonable goals, and attainable timelines, and track your progress to the end.

Healthy weight loss involves healthy dieting, and avoiding many of the common pitfalls of traditional weight loss diet programs. Instead of feeling deprived, by eliminating carbs and fats, eat them in moderation, and choose only the healthy ones.

Restricting certain foods and cutting out calories offers a quick weight loss, but is almost impossible to keep off. Instead, develop an effective eating plan that allows you to enjoy the foods you love, every day of the week.

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