How Vegan Diet Weight Loss Works

There is a lot of buzz lately about veganism and some celebrities are vegan and they look great and are, of course, slim. It seems to be logical that if you do not eat meat, eggs and dairy, you would lose weight. Dairy particularly is full of fat and many vegetarians are not slim because they love cheese, for example. Vegan diet weight loss seems like an easy plan.

However, if you are not already a vegan, this can be a concern. Giving up animal based protein is a huge undertaking. Most of us eat protein from animals and at first you will probably be hungry. A steak or a burger is very filling. A salad is very much less filling. Still, there is lots of evidence that vegan diet weight loss does work and books like Skinny Bitch show you how to lose weight while only eating plant based foods.

Skinny Bitch shows you have to eat vegan and lose weight with no calorie counting. While you can eat as many organic fruits and veggies, whole grains and natural foods that you want without restriction, you should not eat any animal products, artificial sweeteners, refined food like flour or anything that is processed and you should stay away from caffeine and diet sodas.

A typical day on such a diet would include a breakfast of fruit and maybe soy yoghurt, an organic salad for lunch with lots of raw veggies and a cooked vegan meal for dinner. You can eat soy products as well as beans and nuts. Pasta should be whole wheat or whole brown rice or even vegetable pasta. Bread and cereals should be whole grain. You can also eat grains like quinoa and barley and fill up with potatoes and sweet potatoes. For snacks and desert there are organic corn chips, and tofu ice cream. To drink you can have water, of course, as well as decaf green tea and even organic red wine sometimes.

If you follow a vegan diet weight loss plan then you have to be aware that you might be hungry at first because you do not have animal protein to fill up on. If you replace that animal protein with lots of carbs like bread and potatoes, you will have a hard time losing weight. This is not just a diet but a whole new way of eating that you have to embrace. This means that it is better to have an extra portion of salad and raw vegetables until you are full. Otherwise you might revert to snacking and even if this is vegan, it will still not help you to lose weight.

Certainly at the beginning, a vegan diet requires a lot of discipline. While fruit and soy yoghurt sound great for breakfast, or a smoothie, this should fill you up. If not, you are in trouble and the cravings will begin. Better to eat more fruit than succumb to a mid-morning snack of a sweet pastry.

Still with discipline and a plan, a vegan diet weight loss plan can definitely work and it will certainly be healthy for you too.

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