Helpful Information On Cinnamon and Weight Loss

Research has shown that if you add cinnamon to daily diet, it can help you lose weight. One study from a British University stated that the weight loss targets the fat around the belly. That is good news for a lot of people who struggle daily to trim down their waistline. So what is the connection between cinnamon and weight loss?

Cinnamon has properties that lowers your level of glucose in your blood, up to 29 percent lower, according to researchers. When your body stores excess sugar, that sugar leads to a higher level of fat being stored. So, when cinnamon lowers the sugar level, the storage of fat is thwarted.

Adding cinnamon to your diet helps you not feel as hungry. Cinnamon has a natural sweet taste, so if you have a sweet tooth, it can help you satisfy those cravings for a sugary snack. People who have diabetes get great benefits from cinnamon because when it lowers the level of blood sugar, it reverses the body's resistance to insulin. Glucose levels are stabilized

Cinnamon can also help in processing carbohydrates more efficiently. That helps in losing those extra pounds. It also helps in slowing down the digestion process so that your stomach feels full longer.

You can get cinnamon powder at your local market because it is a common spice for cooking. You can also find it in the form of a pill in health food stores. You can take cinnamon as a pill, or add cinnamon to the foods that you eat.

How much cinnamon needs to be taken to be effective? A popular magazine for women recommends that if you want to go on the cinnamon diet plan, you should take 500 milligrams of cinnamon in the morning with breakfast, 1,000 milligrams during lunch, and another 500 milligrams during dinner time. That amounts to about one teaspoon per day.

There have been many studies done on cinnamon and weight loss. A study done in Great Britain reported the subjects who took cinnamon pills lost five times more weight than the control group who took placebos. Some people who were taking cinnamon supplements reported that they felt less hungry and more energetic.

You can easily incorporate cinnamon into your diet everyday. You can at a teaspoon of cinnamon to your cereal or to your cup of coffee every morning. You can make a cup of cinnamon herbal tea. You can use more in your cooking, like when you are baking a pie. It can be added to juices and smoothies for a delicious boost.

Based on the positive information on cinnamon and weight loss, cinnamon can give your overall weight loss plan a boost. This is not meant to be used alone as the single answer to weight loss. You still have to stick to a nutritious, low-fat diet and regular exercise. Adding cinnamon will just give you that added boost in losing those unwanted pounds, especially around the abdominal area.

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