Great Ideas For Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

When you want to lose weight, you know that you have to burn off more calories than you take in. That does not mean that you need to sacrifice eating snacks during the day. The fact is, there are many alternatives of healthy snacks for weight loss. Here are some of the all-time favorites.

Believe it or not, a handful of almonds can be a good snack for weight loss. It is true that nuts are packed with, but the fat is the good type. Nuts are rich source of protein. It only takes a few to satisfy your appetite, so your total caloric intake will not be thrown out of proportion if you eat some nuts.

Fruits make a great snack because they are low in calories. They are sweet so you can satisfy your craving for sugar. However, if you are hungry, eating just a piece of fruit may not satisfy your hunger very well. You will need some protein with that. Try accompanying an apple with a glass of skim milk, for example, for a good snack that will provide you with fiber and protein.

If you feel like having something rich and creamy for a snack, try a bit of cottage cheese with half of an avocado. That will give you about 200 calories with 9 grams of protein. That will keep your appetite satisfied for a long while.

What if you do not want to include dairy products in your healthy snacks for weight loss? You will still need some kind of protein to curb that appetite. A good options would be canned tuna in water. It is a very lean source of protein, and it also provides you with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Try a bit of tuna on a whole wheat cracker.

Lentils are rich in iron. Iron helps boost your metabolism levels. When you are reducing the consumption of red meats, you will need to get iron from other sources. Lentils would be a good option. Make a spread out of lentils by using a can of lentils mixed with a little bit of lemon juice, a couple of tablespoons of sunflower seeds, pinch of salt and pepper, some finely diced celery and green onions, and some chopped parsely. Spread that on a piece of pita bread for a delicious and low-cal snack.

When you forgo your junk food snacks and switch to healthy snacks for weight loss, you will keep your appetite satisfied without feeling like you have to go hungry all the time. When you have strong hunger pangs, you put yourself at the risk of gorging on unhealthy foods. Make some healthy snacks ahead of time so that you can munch on those when you get a little hungry. A healthy snack should be packed with nutrients and low in fat, sugar and salt. Avoid buying snacks in the store and bring along healthy ones when you are out and about. That will help you achieve your weight loss goal.

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