Finding The Best Weight Loss Quotes

Losing weight can be incredibly difficult. To lose 1lb of body mass, you need to burn 3,500 calories more than you have consumed over a given period of time. Such a calorie deficit can be difficult to attain, and most people lose only 1lb per week. Just as you did not get fat overnight, you will not get slim overnight. You need to find a sustainable calorie deficit, and keep yourself motivated to stick with your diet.

One way to get and stay motivated is with weight loss quotes. You can find quotes on weight loss and fitness related forums such as BodySpace, or on image blogs, Tumblr, and even Pinterest. Some people refer to motivational weight loss quotes as a part of "thinspiration" - images and messages that inspire them to work hard to get and stay thin.

The best weight loss quotes are ones that come from real people. Look for success stories, messages from people who have achieved strong weight loss success. Ideally, these should be real people who worked hard and faced normal challenges. Don't waste your time with celebrities or reality TV show contestants. Losing weight while taking part in The Biggest Loser is not as impressive as finding the inner strength, knowledge and dedication to do it all alone.

You may also want to write out some inspirational messages for yourself. Remind yourself why you want to lose weight, and spend some time thinking about things you have done that prove you are successful, intelligent, strong and motivated. Write down all the things you want to do, but feel that you cannot do because you are not fit enough. Set a goal and work towards getting in shape by a specific date.

Another important thing to do is address your relationship with food. If you snack because you are bored, remind yourself of what Kate Moss said - "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". If you hate exercising, remind yourself of what Ronnie Coleman says; everyone wants to look like a body builder, but "Ain't no-one wants to lift any heavy-ass weights". If you want the body you have always dreamed of, you will need to work hard for it, and make sacrifices. The question is, are those sacrifices worthwhile for you? If you really, truly want to feel young, fit, healthy and slim then you will make those sacrifices, work hard in the gym, and learn the value of portion control and healthy eating.

Why not print off these weight loss quotes and put some of them on your fridge door, or inside your lunch box. When you feel the urge to snack, simply read the weight loss quotes and remind yourself that you are well on the way to achieving your goal weight. For many people, that little extra motivation is enough to help them stay on the straight and narrow. Work out what inspires you, and use that inspiration to fuel your weight loss efforts and your lifestyle change.

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