Drinking Green Tea And Weight Loss

Drinking green tea has the benefit of possibly helping people to lose weight. It does so by helping the body to burn fats and calories, and it is used as an ingredient in many popular diet pills. That is the connection between green tea and weight loss. If you drink the green tea, the results are not as fast as if you take the ingredients in a pill, but studies have shown that a gradual loss of weight over a period of time is much healthier than a crash diet, where a lot of weight is lost in a short time.

For one thing, a rapid loss of weight in a short period of time can be a shock to our system to the point that our body does not adjust well, and it can open things up for disruption of some of the body’s basis systems. There are indications that the immune system can be compromised in such quick results, because the body views it as a disease.

Drinking green tea and weight loss is a good strategy, because the tea is enjoyable to drink, and it has other health benefits besides just the weight loss benefit. Green tea is also a wonderful anti-oxidant that helps to ward off diseases such as cancer and heart disease. One way that the green tea works in our bodies to eliminate fat is that it helps to reduce harmful triglycerides.

When fat and sugar is absorbed into the human body, both items are synthesized into triglycerides. Triglycerides are very important because they then provide energy to support many bodily functions. But when the amount of triglycerides become excessive, such as when we are sedentary and don’t exercise, the excess is turned into fat, which can result in obesity and weight gain.

The role that green tea plays is that it contains a high amount of polypenols, which activate an enzyme that dissolves excess triglycerides. If a person is drinking green tea on a regular basis the amount of fat that goes to bodily storage is reduced as it is neutralized and passed out of the body.

The antioxidants that the green tea posses will stimulate the metabolism of the body which will also help to stimulate weight loss. One of the antioxidants works with the caffeine in the green tea to release more fat into the bloodstream so it can be used as fuel, and thus it will not be stored as fat in the body. This process is called thermogenesis and is a very efficient method that our bodies use in the burning of fat for energy.

Exercise is another factor where green tea and weight loss can be spoken of in the same breath. Green tea will stimulate the muscle cells and the liver to utilize more fatty acids, which causes the body to use carbohydrates at a slower rate, creating more endurance. This allows exercise to continue at a longer rate of time, which will burn more calories.

Drinking green tea seems to be a win-win situation since it is healthy to drink anyway, and the added weight loss feature makes it that much more attractive.

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