Before And After Weight Loss Photos Can Increase Your Motivation

The vast majority of adults are on a diet, or have been on one in the past. In many instances, the diet is abandoned before the person has reached their weight loss goal. This is because it is very difficult for people to maintain their motivation. Different methods of motivation work better for different individuals, but one of the tactics which is effective for many people is taking regular before and after weight loss photos.

Fitness trainers and dietry experts recommend that dieters take their measurements every week, including the stomach, thighs and hip area. These records can then be kept with the before and after weight loss photos, so that people have a visual representation of what they have achieved. The photos are a very effective weight loss motivator because people tend not to notice the effect that weight loss is having on their appearance, as the change is gradual. But being able to make side-by-side comparisons of how their figure is changing every week is a powerful representation of how far they have come - which boosts the motivation to continue.

How To Take Before And After Weight Loss Photos

The photos are most effective when it is very easy to compare the weekly changes. Therefore, the composition needs to be kept as consistent as possible. Here are some simple tips for taking the pictures.

* Keep the background neutral. The focus is supposed to be on the person in the photograph, so always take the picture against a background with minimal distractions. A blank wall in a light color is ideal, but against a closed door would work well too.

* Use portrait composition. You want to be able to see as much of the figure as possible, so use the camera in portrait mode so that the body will take up more of the frame.

* Don't wear too many clothes. It is natural to feel a bit self conscious when taking the picture, but remember that the photos are purely for your benefit - nobody else needs to see them. Wear something like shorts and a sports bra (if you are female). This exposes more of the body, so that the impact of the weight loss can be seen more clearly.

* Pose naturally. How you hold yourself can affect the shape of your body, so for the sake of consistency you need to strike a pose which is easy to recreate every week. You will need to take a picture from the front, the back and the side.

* Use a tripod. Ideally, you should ask somebody to take the photos for you. But if this is not possible - or you are simply too embarrassed - it is worth purchasing a cheap tripod for your camera. This will make getting the right camera angle much easier.

Taking weekly weight loss photos can take a little time and organization. But when done correctly, there are few motivation tools which are more effective.

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