Are There Benefits for Using Laxatives for Weight Loss?

Individuals often go to great extremes to lose unwanted pounds and inches, including taking laxatives for weight loss. This is because society’s image of aesthetic beauty tends to equate with fitness. Many people think that laxatives provide a quick solution for losing weight, without any side effects.

Many individuals, especially women, avoid exercising and eating healthy, and instead use laxatives for weight loss. Unfortunately, they are unaware that abuse can easily arise by taking laxatives on a continuous basis, that can provide unpleasant consequences and sometimes death.

Many individuals are hooked on laxatives as an effective way to lose weight and keep it off. However, it can provide a variety of medical issues including stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, fainting, dizziness, dehydration and damage to the intestines.

Many doctors warn that a laxative diet may have the ability of producing short-term weight loss, but more importantly creates long-term serious health problems. In fact, laxatives eliminate most water from the body, and nearly no fat at all. In addition, it creates dehydration and long-term damage to the bowels.

Using laxatives for weight loss requires drinking a huge amount of water every day to avoid body dehydration. A more effective way to lose weight is to incorporate a workout exercise routine, and a healthy diet. This will avoid constipation, or irregular bowels, because of the high fiber in a quality diet.

The only way to be highly effective by using laxatives for weight loss is to develop an effective plan. It is important to consume enough calories every day to recoup lost vitamins that are excreted out of the body by the laxatives.

Herbs, Liquids and Pills

Laxatives are available as an herb, liquid or pill and use as a weight control alternative. However, if the laxative is being taken to avoid bloating, it can quickly develop other problems including cardiac arrhythmias, heart attack, irregular heartbeat, renal problems, and even death.

Using laxatives for weight loss can become highly addictive. This is because the participant believes they are losing weight, when in actuality they are losing water retention along with necessary nutrients that are essential for body function. In time, it is easily to build up a tolerance to the non-prescription medication, where individuals often require a box or more every day to attain the same effect.

There are many other alternatives to using laxatives as a way to lose weight. These include developing an effective meal plan, founded on quality lean meats, fruits and vegetables. In fact, adding more fiber to the diet can produce the same effects as taking a laxative, only in a healthy way.

In time, many individuals develop laxative abuse in their effort to control their body weight. This is especially true in young individuals that can easily develop a serious eating disorder. When used in combination with purging, restricted caloric intake, and excessive exercise, it is essential to seek treatment as quickly as possible.

It is more beneficial to use other alternatives than laxatives for losing weight. Many of them offer a healthy solution for getting rid of unwanted pounds and inches.

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