Symptom of Low Self Esteem? How Do You Know?

Everyone has moments in their lives where they feel less confident than others or when they feel a bit inferior to someone else. After all, we're human and it's only natural to have feelings of doubt and inferiority from time to time, but a symptom of low self esteem that lingers can be a real problem--and one we need to take seriously.

Anything that keeps our self esteem low for a relatively long period of time or that persists despite our attempts to improve and dislodge it is a serious problem because it interferes with how we move through our lives. We can move confidently or hesitantly, it all depends on the state of our self esteem.

Some symptoms of low self esteem that can cause major problems in our lives are persistent feeling of inadequacy, feeling self conscious, and feelings of inferiority are major ones that most of us feel from time to time at least. Fif these feelings are with you all the time, however, you may want to seek professional help to find the root cause of your lowered self esteem.

You can also take self esteem quizzes and tests that will help narrow down exactly what your self esteem issue is and then you can make a plan for improving it. Self esteem and self motivation books, tapes, CDs, and videos are great for improving low self esteem. The wonderful thing about using these things is that they are available anytime you need them. You don't have to wait weeks for an appointment with a professional and can be used between visits if you are seeing a counselor for your self esteem issues. The two self help resources together are a great combination that will allow you to make changes in your overall self esteem more quickly and see that self esteem improvements you make will last much longer.

So if you want to raise your self esteem, first you need to know what your self esteem issue is. Next, determine if professional counseling is warranted and affordable. Many insurance companies will pay for professional counseling which is an enormous help. Last, invest in some self help books, tapes and videos to help you increase your self esteem. Before you know it, you'll have higher self esteem and self confidence than you ever thought possible. Just don't ignore your low self esteem symptoms. Get started raising your self esteem today!

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